Stay Tuned With 10 Apps For Dating!

30 Mar 2023

Is this something obscure to speak about dating applications nowadays? Indeed people are really free to talk about that nowadays. Business takes lots of time and we care about each free minute, however we want someone to share these minutes as well. So what to do if you want dating?

Can we be in safe out of scam if use online services?

Online dating services appeared on 1990, and nowadays we have to be proud of using Smartphone for being in touch with each other. We will tell you about recent new applications for dating online, this is a platform for people who appreciates freedom and prefers non-traditional relationship. So go ahead and see:


This service was launched last year. Here you can find all people who seek threesomes, this service is so popular now that you may use this application on Apple TV and your Android platform device.

We pronounce the application "Thrinder," is offering such options as searching and swiping to choose partners - you may find it similar to Tinder. Below we want you to estimate the most unusual applications of online dating world.


Our dear hipsters should be happy as well as be grateful for technicians for their creativity. All of you who wear beads may use Bristlr app to get acquainted with all those fans of facial hair (beards, mustaches, etc.).

What's Your Price.

This site is strictly explicit. You can name your own amount of money for going out. So it means that you definitely will get paid for dating.

Spiritual Singles.

For spiritual lovers, this website connects those who are fond of spiritual growth, mediating and considering about world peace. Of course this is a common news however probably you didn’t know yet about New Age dating.


Sometimes people do not like too many conversations, that is why they choose SlyDial. You may call United States phone number and leave your voice message (composed beforehand). Therefore in such a way people hook up or break up within this modern service.


Romance is out of tastes and fashion. Travelling is a part of romance and travelling by plane is one of the most romantic opportunities to find your beloved! Wingman offers you to join and to get in touch with those who are at the airport, on the place and connect with people who choose the same direction. However if we open the website they left the message that beta testing period is closed and still there are no news about next launch this summer. But stay tuned.


This is a modern variant of putting your sock to a door just letting know your friend that the dorm is busy by you with your date: “leave the sock in the hamper”. So how it actually works?

The system uses Wi-Fi location technology and notifies nearby phones that you are busy with something very important. And the moto of the app is straightly connected with Clorox cleaning company.

Farmers Only.

West theme, right! If you are interested in cowboys, horses riding, farm-girls, great wild territories, you must be fan of American icon. Farmers Only – offers you matchmaking services within about 3 millions of farmers. And according to the website usage common city folk do not get this service at all.


This app resembles Tinder again but unlike the first one here the system uses WI-FI location technology and helps people find people you’ve crossed paths with. You are able to connect each other if you are near in the mall, at movies or any other places. We can call it romantic though but cause scandals on private issues.


Well, that is the most powerful place for all fans of computer games. SoulGeek is like a big storage for adults, geeks who are fond od anime, fantasy, superheroes and etc. So this is the great opportunity to combine gaming and entertainment with dating and communication.

We cannot tell you if all these apps can defend you from failure however it may enhance your chances to avoid scam. Why? The response is rather simple, you choose a narrow scope. You take a field of interests and people who are interested in having fun more than paying money – they will use such systems.

Money can’t buy love but you may use app that will definitely indicate the amount to buy a date. Such systems allow to connect people with common wishes and that is the main point. You agree and take the rules.