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Tag: anti scam

What men should know about being lied to.

14 Jun 2019

React correctly if someone lies to youAncient philosophers believed that man is the only animal that can lie (at least verbally). It is possible to reason a lot about the phenomenon of lies in our life as long as it does not concern us closely.

What if someone is lying to you? What if it is a close person or business partner? Why do people lie to each other and how to be in such a situation? Our experts have tried to understand these painful issues and reflect on this together with you.

Top 9 free date ideas from UaDreams

21 Aug 2018

tips about free places of datingWhat is your image of an ideal date? Fancy restaurant with dozens of dishes, or a romantic breakfast near the Eiffel Tower? A weekend on a seaside, or something similar, but necessarily expensive and pompous? That is not only right way to impress your woman.

A woman don’t want to be on a boring date, even you spend a lot of money for it. There are many ideas of free dates. Please, always remember, that dating is an interesting game, and you could play it with little budget or without it. How to do organize a really fascinating date for free - read in our next article.

In Ukraine fraudsters cheated an American woman for $ 1.5 million

20 Jul 2018


scam news about American woman transferred $ 1.5 million to fraudstersThere are a lot of incidents when online dating partner could turn up a scammer – a person who uses your feeling for obtaining your personal data, money, number of your personal bank account, personal pictures or video et cetera.

Online dating scammers prefer to manipulate of your best feelings, trying to arouse your compassion. Such situation is widespread both in Ukraine and in other country as well. So, how to avoid such a fraud when chatting through social networks or web online dating sites – read in the next article.

400 millions users of dating websites have their data leaked out to the internet

16 Nov 2016

beware stealing your personal data to the InternetHow to protect your personal data in internet? The answer still remains unknown, as judged by the latest events. A website AdultFriendFinder was subject to a big huck attack recently. As a consequence 400 millions users suffered. All their passwords have been cracked and their personal information has been shared.

By the way, do you know what passwords do people use predominantly? Combinations 123456 and similar ones. Agree, it is quite unwise to choose such a combination and leave personal data vulnerable. More details about this hack attack and popular password combinations you will find in this article.

15 honest tips for a female members from male ones of a dating site

21 Oct 2016

What do men want from women on online dating sitesA lot of women are afraid of online dating. However it is possible to find love there and never be involved into scam. Here women will find a lot of tips written by men how to feel good while meeting other people in internet.

Following these tips will help women to feel relaxedly and enjoy their correspondence, chats and personal meetings. Indeed, there is nothing to be afraid of. You just have to be attentive, go easy and take delight in the process. When there is a will, there is a way. So read our tips and start your successful dating!

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