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Tag: dating scammers

What men should know about being lied to.

14 Jun 2019

React correctly if someone lies to youAncient philosophers believed that man is the only animal that can lie (at least verbally). It is possible to reason a lot about the phenomenon of lies in our life as long as it does not concern us closely.

What if someone is lying to you? What if it is a close person or business partner? Why do people lie to each other and how to be in such a situation? Our experts have tried to understand these painful issues and reflect on this together with you.

How to recover after rocky breakup

30 May 2017

How to start new relationship and recover after breakupBreakup is always not an easy thing in life, especially a breakup after a long relationship. However, it may happen and the person should realize it is not the end of the world and life is not over. It may be hard, but it is necessary to accept that a new page in life is opened and it depends only upon you and only you how this page will be filled.

The specialists advise not to start new relationship very soon after the breakup. All together the heart, the body and the mind requires time to have rest and restore. Give them this time and at a certain point you will feel the readiness for new relationships. It is not a bad variant to try dating website. It is less dangerous psychologically, but a good possibility to come back.

American girl found the way to cash in on Tinder men

07 Apr 2017

Maggie Archer made money on tinderIt is not big news that today dating scam is a popular way to earn money. The Internet with numerous dating sites gives a wide space for such shameful activity. Just recently there were articles about a very skilful girl who found a way to extract money from men via popular dating application Tinder.

The good thing is that activity was stopped rather fast, but there are no guarantees that similar things won’t happen on other dating resources. For both, men and women, who use dating websites, it is necessary to be careful with financial matters. It is recommended to register on trustworthy dating websites which proved their reliability. In Ukraine an example of such website is, which has more than 10 years of history and experience.

10 Best Online Scams And Strategies to Wind Seniors Around

28 Mar 2017

Scam schemes that works with adults on InternetThe statistics shows that more and more seniors become victims of scam nowadays. When seniors go into retirement, they have more free time, and they start to explore Internet more actively. They do it in order to find some additional sources of income, register on dating websites in order to start new communications or just simply find things they are interested in.

During this process it is easy to face various types of scam activity. It can be false people on dating websites, various phishing actions, cheating sites which try to get personal information. It is strongly recommended being double careful to seniors before registrations on unknown dating sites, before making purchases on suspicious sites or sending money to strangers.

Some useful advices for our valued men and women

26 Oct 2016

Dating advices for Internet usersHow to feel safe during your online dating? There are a couple of useful tips in this article. Accomplishment of these recommendations requires some effort, but it is worth it. It is much more worse when a person is careless and doesn't concern about everything. In such a case this person shows a lack of seriousness.

If you are serious about your online dating and don't want to waste your time and money, read these small recommendations. Following them you will be able to find a real, honest and good wife in internet who will make you really happy.

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