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Tag: matchmaking agency

Men's tips for dating a coworker

04 Oct 2019

Coworkers datingOur life is sometimes fast and busy, we don’t have time to go on a date or to meet someone in a bar. We just don’t have time for this, our work takes too much time.

As a result, we spend a lot of time at work and with people who are working at the same company. When we spend a lot of time together, we know the person better and here come feelings.

Top 10 flirty questions to ask a girl you like.

04 Oct 2018

Dating tips about flirty questionsEveryone knows that if in our love relationships there were no such spices as flirting, our communication would become boring, bland and predictable. Do you know how to flirt?

How to support an interesting playful conversation and what kinds of flirting questions should be asked to the girl you like, so that she may become interested in the prospect of love affair with a guy like you?

Experts of UaDreams will try to touch these burning issues in the following article.

7 best ideas for the fourth date for men

19 Sep 2018

best tips for men on fourth dateOur agency UaDreams has more than 10 years of experience in the sphere of online and offline dating. We know how important for a woman to feel like a queen not only on the first date, but on the second and even fourth.

For helping our clients in organization of a really good fourth date we’ve asked Russian and Ukrainian women about their expectations and fourth dates good ideas.

So, in the next article we gathered for you the best tips for the fourth date for men. We are sure that such fourth date tips could be useful for development of your relationship with a woman that you are really like.

Top 9 free date ideas from UaDreams

21 Aug 2018

tips about free places of datingWhat is your image of an ideal date? Fancy restaurant with dozens of dishes, or a romantic breakfast near the Eiffel Tower? A weekend on a seaside, or something similar, but necessarily expensive and pompous? That is not only right way to impress your woman.

A woman don’t want to be on a boring date, even you spend a lot of money for it. There are many ideas of free dates. Please, always remember, that dating is an interesting game, and you could play it with little budget or without it. How to do organize a really fascinating date for free - read in our next article.

What do Russian Girls Look for in Guys?

12 Jun 2018


An eternal question “what do women really want in a man?” may be answered rather widely on UaDreams.com. This website has experience in matchmaking activity for more than 10 years. During this time it was possible to explore and determine what exactly Ukrainian girls like in guys, what they want to see in relationships and what traits of character they wish to see in their life partners. This information may be helpful for men in their search, it may give answer why previous attempts were unsuccessful and can motivate male members to change their behaviour and searching strategy towards potential life partner from Ukraine.