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How to recognize online dating scams in 2019 and avoid them

05 Jul 2019

Our life is full of surprises, some of them are pleasant and some aren’t. When we would like to meet a partner we go to the dating sites but not only smart and nice women are waiting for us there. Unfortunately, you may face scams, the people who would like to use our weakness and our desires. They know what people are looking for on the dating websites on the Internet and they are close trying to get the victim to their nets. Every year more and more people get into trouble and lose their money. It should be stopped and people should know how to realize that you face a scammer. However, it is not difficult if you know how the scams behave, in this case you will understand that the fraud is trying to trick you.

How to avoid becoming a victim of cloaking?

14 Jun 2019

Cloaking online datingModern Internet technologies give us unlimited opportunities of communication, dating and making close relationships. But they also contain many “pitfalls” such as various types of online fraud, blackmail, insults and other unpleasant surprises.

The latter can be also attributed to the so-called “cloaking”. This is one of the newest terms calling a painful problem that arises when two people date in the global network. Right this issue will be discussed in our material.

In Ukraine fraudsters cheated an American woman for $ 1.5 million

20 Jul 2018


scam news about American woman transferred $ 1.5 million to fraudstersThere are a lot of incidents when online dating partner could turn up a scammer – a person who uses your feeling for obtaining your personal data, money, number of your personal bank account, personal pictures or video et cetera.

Online dating scammers prefer to manipulate of your best feelings, trying to arouse your compassion. Such situation is widespread both in Ukraine and in other country as well. So, how to avoid such a fraud when chatting through social networks or web online dating sites – read in the next article.

Why You Meet So Many Wrong People

07 May 2016

Wrong people. Wrong love storiesDo you know how many lonely people are there in the world? In order to just imagine this number approximately, we suggest you to think about those people you know personally. And what are the chances for a person to find a perfect match in his own city, country, continent? Modern Internet technologies offer and excellent opportunity for people in their search of a company, partners, friends and even love.

Big distances and language barriers are no longer such a big problem, the main task is not to loose the chance, not to scroll down away from the profile of someone who is meant only for you. You may read the following article to give a deeper thought to the problem of loneliness and they ways to find your personal happy ending.

Ukraine Is Famous For Its Sex-Tourism Trips

15 Apr 2016

Sex tourism in UkraineA big part of Ukrainian girls and women with serious intentions to get acquainted with foreign men may easily run into sexual game lovers. According to the law of Ukraine there is no specific notion for sex-tourism nowadays but in Ukraine ladies who are interested in a sex job are used to search for their potential clients in networks or international dating websites, they also receive some commission from those dating websites for giving beautiful photos to attract men all over the world which are used to fool their members with consciously forged profiles with those photos.

Foreign men consider Ukrainian women to be beautiful, mature, tender, thoughtful and easy to approach. That’s why to buy sex is normal for them. A part of illegal sex-industry consists of online services and dating agencies that foreigners use for their purposes to find a one-night girl. It is quite easy to visit Ukraine with a properly prepared trip and sex services guaranteed in a so called «sex tour». Still mentally Ukrainian nation is far from accepting prostitution. Many Ukrainian ladies have intentions to make their deep dream to marry happily a reality. They are pursuing for successful communication to start a real family, with beloved person next to them and children of course. UaDreams is one of those dating web-sites that cares about ladies and their member’s safety, and the agency has a lot of experience in international dating sphere.