What is the day of March, 8 for Ukrainian women?

27 Feb 2024
Once upon a time women gathered and decided to devote one special day to themselves. But why? The history tells us about emancipation and suffragists activity, that how this day appeared Wiki knows a lot. In 1908 in New York women gathered for the social democratic meeting aimed to declare their equality. That was the start of female movement to be revealed for their rights, interests and desires. That was the day of the 8th of March! Lately revolution and war events all over the world offered other dates for women meetings. It was in 1921 when the day of the 8th of March became the International Women’s Day, an official holiday.

A woman is a forever hearth keeper, but you can imagine she could be so embarrassed with everyday duties, home routine, abnormal work, bringing up children and taking care of men of course. By no means she will ever confess to do this job hardly and too much for her but she does need care and attention. It’s better to avoid such discrepancy and sure she would be strong with the marvelous feeling of being so weak. Men are those creatures who give such a feeling. That is why the history of Ukraine allows to have such a Special Women’s Day on March, 8.

In Ukraine this is not a day when a man focuses on his woman only but on all women he meets in the office or outdoors, besides boys used to congratulate girls with gifts, sweets and flowers as well.

So the best possible way to make your woman happy is to give your attention.

The first thing you should do is to say how much you love her!

Ukrainian women

Put some tender words together and make a short but lovely message, send it in the morning and she will be smiling while reading it and drinking coffee imagining you are next to her, or create a long read romantic letter or you can record a special video message for her on this day – she will definitely estimate your braveness. Invite her to a video chat, think beforehand about your look (put on a white t-shirt with a tie or whatever), give her some precious minutes even if you are far away and the time difference will push you to sIeep over or fall down. But remember: a woman will never forget what you’ve done for her and your sacrifice will turn into her happiness, love and a proud of you, your personality.

Her best day is possible only thanks to you.

She deserves to be loved every day, but… Women’s Day is a day of concentration, not a usual week day! Finally, the feeling that she is loved makes her the happiest woman ever…

Special holiday mood

Of course every day couples should care about each other but life gives us holidays to concentrate on such events so increasing of your attention on the Women’s Day is very much appreciated. Supposedly you have never known that Ukrainian women are really thankful and they will remember good things forever.

She will be glad to have a smell of fresh flowers even if you are 1000 km far from her but she would knows that your are closer than ever. Pamper your woman with her favourite perfume or a lovely pendant she dreamed before. You know that best gifts are those you won’t spend money for in everyday life but such beautiful things make the day brighter and create a special holiday mood!

One more thing to keep in mind: women adore to eat tasty food even if they say they need to be on a diet or something. This day is the reason to drop it and go to a sweet cosy place for a special food menu, different from that one you eat at home.

This day is her day and she has to be a queen of the party! Invite her to a concert of the star she loves so much. She will appreciate to death.

Remember that emotions is the best gift you can perform and your duty is to make her smile so much the more on this day. So it’s up to you what to choose as only you is the one who knows your woman the best possible way: she tells you about her preferences and tastes, about her secret wishes and desires, be patient interlocutor and attentive listener and you will find the best way to make her happy.

We can add the only thing: it couldn’t be any easier!