Ukraine Clarifies Main Requirements of Express-Marriage

04 Mar 2024

At least 24 hours is needed to register the marriage officially, and this option becomes more popular day after day among youth in Ukraine.

Since April the Lent (Great Fast) will over, and the wedding point will be a mainstream for Ukrainian citizens. In July of 2016 the government allowed to set up the express marriage service, that means you are able to register relationship in 24 hours period. Over 6 thousand of couples had already tried this service from that time forward, however, it is available only in the biggest cities of Ukraine.

This situation is promised to be changed in the nearest future as the popularity of this kind of service grows.

Many people consider this option to be a good solution, whereas others perceive such an urgent decision as a inconsiderable and irresponsible one. As a result, it can be over with a quick divorce. Instead, the express marriage service gained its success, and it is too early to speak about the divorce statistics.

The document-service “Gotovo” provides with official marriage registration and they shared some points about necessary requirements with us. To register a marriage a couple needs to come with the prepared beforehand set of documents and to pick the date (it can be the same day or the very next day).

The amount of payment can vary from minimalistic package of services to additional wedding procedure attributes (music, champaigne, photo, video). For example, to register the marriage the next day after the claim, with no additional service, it will cost 4 270 UAH. To register the marriage immediately you need to add 2 000 UAH more.

If you wish to proceed a pompous and posh marriage registration with guests, music, flowers and with booking a convenient date, be ready to pay 10 073 UAH.

The couple should bring a passport and ID code. If this is a second marriage, you need to confirm the previous termination of marriage. If a bride or a groom is a foreigner, the process will be prolonged to several days due to the law of Ukraine. According to which a person of other nation should have an international passport and its notarized translation. Eventually, if this person had previous officially registered relationship, it is necessary to provide the apostilled confirmation or legalized by embassy.

Keep in mind that all documents should be translated into Ukrainian language and notarized accordingly. Additionally, “Gotovo” explained that before applying a claim they send the scan copy of a passport of a foreign citizen for a verification to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. It will take up to 5 working days.

If the passport has been issued less than half a year before the date of claim, the foreign citizen must provide the enquiry from the Border Service of Ukraine about all entries during previous periods or to provide the old passport with necessary information.

If you prefer to register the marriage as usually, just for your information, the marriage registration in a month after the claim costs 85 copecks (with no additional service of course).

Remember that no matter how fast you register your marriage, be sincere and honest with your beloved person, with your heart and mind, with yourself primarily. Love each other, take care of each other, and respect each other.

Consequently, no worries about round the clock official registration will appear.