How to spot women who manipulate men

05 May 2021

What about manipulative women signs? Every woman has her own and believes you will never know what is waiting for you in the future and what she will do next. It is almost impossible to build happy relationships with a manipulative woman so it is better to avoid them. Toxic manipulative relationships can ruin people's lives.

Here are the signs of manipulative women:

  • They are weak. They need your help, support, and being with her. She will encourage you to do more and more, you will be ready to help and will come when she calls you just because you would think that she needs you. This is female manipulation. Your plans, your life is not important, only she, her needs, and her problems.
  • She is extremely beautiful. Avoid ladies who are perfect, who have make-up even when she wakes up and makes pictures for you. Too perfect and too beautiful women wish to win your heart and to get you on the hook, they know how to manipulate man. Look around, there are a lot of women who are pretty, who are single, who wish to have strong relationships. Perfect women are in the magazines, real women are for life and family.
  • Tears. She will cry when she wants to get something just like a kid. She will cry when you say something wrong or you didn’t do anything that she wanted.
  • Scandals. She shouts and is an initiator of the conflict. She is always right and only she knows how you should behave. When she doesn’t get what she wants with the scandal, she starts crying, making you feel bad. Her aim is to get what she wants and needs, it is one of the main manipulative girlfriend signs

All these signs say that you faced a manipulator and the best way is to get out of those relationships because in the future that will destroy you.

Learning to identify female manipulation

You should know the signs of manipulation and you should know how to identify them. We will tell you everything in detail. First, remember that having healthy relationships mean being partners without any tricks, manipulation or so. Manipulators are selfish people who think only about their own needs so you need to be ready and know all their tricks. Here are some warning signs of a manipulative woman, just to be ready for the worst:

  • She stops communicating from time to time, ignoring you. You communicate with a lady, no difference in real life or online. You may even date or live together, no matter and then in one moment you don’t get any letter from her or she doesn’t want to chat with you. If you date or live together, she doesn’t talk with you or doesn’t answer your calls. After that she behaves as usual, she writes and calls. These are called psychological swings. When the manipulator makes the victim feel lost, he doesn’t understand what is going on but he can’t imagine his life without the lady. Most women who manipulate men use this trick from time to time
  • She will cry and you will feel sorry for her, it is one of the main manipulative women sighns. She will find what you did or said wrong, you didn’t call her or didn’t react correctly from her point of view or maybe you have a quarrel, and then one moment she starts crying. Why does she do that? She is manipulating, she wants to show that she is weak and a victim and makes you feel bad. After she starts crying you start feeling sorry, you hug her and say sorry and she gets what she wants.
  • Manipulating about sex. You have sex only when she wants or you deserve it with your behavior, that’s for short and that is bad. Get out of these relationships.
  • She will make you feel jealous. One day you may find strange messages on her phone, you may see that she is flirting with your friend or colleague. Why does she do that? One possible reason, she wants to bring feelings back to your relationships or maybe she is looking for new emotions and feelings. You know your woman better.
  • She will make you feel shame. A lot of women make their men feel that they are losers, they don’t earn enough, they don’t look handsome enough. You start thinking that is the truth and you lose your self-confidence. That’s her aim but believe, even though you will do your best to meet her expectations, she will leave you one day.

What should a man do if a woman tries to manipulate?

Women who manipulate men are very good psychologists and they know how to do everything right so you will not notice the manipulation. However, now you know the signs and in a few moments, you will find out what to do.

  • To realize that she manipulates. If you see any of the signs that we wrote about, that means she manipulates. To understand what is going on is half of the battle.
  • Disclose the manipulation. Tell her that you know what she is doing and pay attention to her reaction. Do the same. Reflect her behavior and explain to her that you don’t like this.
  • Watch for her behavior. If a woman is smart and intelligent, she would stop manipulating and won’t do this anymore.
  • Stop the relationships. If you see that she does the same repeatedly, nothing helps and she does not want any changes in her behavior and your relationships, so it’s time to say goodbye.

Build strong and healthy relationships with a nice and decent woman, be happy and good luck in your search.