Warning signs of a successful first date

09 Jul 2021

First dates are a nervous thing when you think about how to impress, how to look better, if she likes you, if there is any future together. Nowadays, we have a lot of apps on the phone, keep on communicating all the time, spend more time online than offline. Anyway, your first offline date happens and you wish to know how to behave now, what to do and what to say, should you write, call, or not. Too many questions but how to know the correct answer.

Our dating experts have made for you a list where you will be able to find the answer for the numerous questions after the first date. These signs will help you a lot and answer the question if the date went well and if you should call her or delete her phone number. Find out how good your first date was. You asked a lot of questions about yourself to each other.

First dating tips

That’s a good start when you are interested in each other and wish to know more and more about the person you are talking to. A woman wishes to know more about the partner and says she is interested in the man. Both of you wish to get more information about lifestyle, hobbies, family, and friends. You ask each other many questions, your talk is vivid, without pauses, and as a result you spend great time together.

The jokes provoked a positive reaction

Jokes melt ice, don’t they? They help to feel comfortable and relaxed. Remember that the jokes shouldn’t be too private, it’s better to choose something more natural. Anyway, a good sense of humor is so important and it’s great when you understand each other and laugh at the jokes. When you see that the woman reacts at your jokes that says that you are on the same wavelength. You are on the right track, for sure.

You've had eye contact

Our deeds, emotions, and other non-verbal signs say more than words. That is not the secret that eye contact is an indicator of interest. When we like a person we look in his or her eyes more often. If you see that your partner looks into your eyes the whole evening, smiles, and looks pleased, that’s it. Right now you know the answer, the date was great, pleasant, and successful.

There was talk of life goals

When people like each other they wish to know the partner’s background and plans for the future, we compare the goals and analyze if we fit each other. Of course, we are different but we are looking for the person to be happy with so we need to find the person whose goals are the same. However, remember that the only person who will ask you about your aims and goals is the person who is interested in you and tries to imagine the future with you.

There were physical signs of affection

During the date you pay attention not only to her words and emotions but to her gestures and behavior, so this way you try to decode her body language. If you mention her touching hair a lot that says, she tries to impress you, catch your attention and make you look at the parts of the body she thinks are attractive. Furthermore, she may touch your hand or shoulder and apologize that it was accidently. No doubts in this case, bro.

Forget about phones for a while

Our modern life is impossible without our gadgets. We spend much time surfing the net, chatting online, reading, listening to music, or even dating. Doing all these things as usual, we need only one gadget – our smartphone. Our life is on our phone, we check our social networks and messengers all the time. However, if you notice that you and the lady could forget about the phones, you didn’t check What’s App and were interested in the communication. That is a very good sign that says you and your partner appreciate spending time together.

Told friends about the date

When we are happy we wish to share our emotions, feelings, and great mood. The closest people in our life are friends, relatives, and members of our family. These people support us, ready to listen to and protect. We share bad and good moments with the closest people. Of course, when you know that the lady you dated told you about you to her friends and family, that would be the best sign ever for you. That means she likes you a lot, you gave her positive emotions, and she wishes to talk about you. Don’t worry and be happy, the first date was perfect.

These were the signs the first date was a success and knowing these little tips would help you to understand women and their behavior, you will know what to do next and what to expect from the lady. Anyway, we wish you good luck and wish you have first date success stories to share with your friends, family, and with us, of course.