Top 10 virtual dating ideas in 2024

17 Jun 2020

You are still at home and you don’t have an opportunity to go on a date to the café or the restaurant but this is not a problem at all. Now it’s time for the experiments and changes and we have to learn how to live in the new reality. Here are the top 10 best virtual dating ideas in 2023. Spend time with pleasure, enjoying every moment with your spouse, and build your relationships knowing each other better and better.

Online visit to the zoo or aquarium

Right now you can know more about your partner’s interests and hobbies. If you both like nature or sea an online visit to a zoo or an aquarium is a great idea. Furthermore, you are free to choose any zoo or aquarium that has online tours. The zoo may be in your city or situated on the other continent and you won’t have any difficulties to visit it together with your lady. To look at sea creatures and to enjoy their beauty will bring you and your partner much pleasure.

Arrange competitions

Any challenge you like. When you are at home and you don’t know when you will be able to meet, the first thing you need is not to get bored and the second one is to develop the relationships. Why not try to have fun together? Your imagination will help you to organize the funniest competitions and spend time with pleasure.

Virtual tour of the house or apartment

You haven’t visited your lady and she hasn’t invited you to her apartment or house, why not organize a virtual tour and to show the place you live. That will be cute and something new in your relationships so try this one day and get positive emotions.

Cooking by phone or video chat

These days cooking parties are getting more and more popular. Organize it with your girlfriend. What food do you prefer, what does she like to eat and cook? You may choose the menu for the dinner, discuss the ingredients, buy them beforehand, and cook dinner together with your woman.

Eating goodies from the nearest restaurant with home delivery Order meal and have dinner at home. Right now it’s the best thing that you can do if you would like to have dinner and don’t have time or will to cook. You and your lady may live overseas. In this case, you can have a romantic dinner but you need to set the time beforehand, order food, and decide which online platform you will use to communicate. That’s so easy to do.

Call, tell and show each other your favorite places

Every person has a favorite place in the town or city where he lives. That may be a bench in the quiet corner in the park, a street with a nice café, an old tree in the park or a picturesque beach far from the busy city. Let your partner know you better, show her the places that you like, and enjoy spending time there. After the quarantine, you will be able to spend a romantic time there.

Q & A session

This is the best way to get more information about your beloved person. Don’t thank us for this great idea. You will be able to ask your woman and to see her reaction while you ask, that’s very important to look at her eyes and to see her gestures. Be ready to answer the questions too, be frank, open, and just let your partner know you.

Online music concert

Check the internet there are a lot of online concerts and you can visit any with your girlfriend. Are there any concerts that she wanted to visit? Check, it may occur that these days you may watch it online. Music makes us happy, concerts give energy and power, your favorite band’s concert with your lady will be a perfect evening even though you spend it at home.</p

Virtual tour of the Louvre or another museum

Are you both interested in art? Do you prefer fine art? It’s a great chance to visit the Louvre and to spend time looking at the paintings. Right now the museums are closed because of the quarantine but they have made a great service for people to see the masterpieces online. If you choose the Louvre for your online excursion you will be able to choose among 7 exhibitions. That may be paintings, Egyptian Antiquities, Remains of the Louvre’s moat, and many others. Anyway, even though you don’t understand much in fine art it’s better to get new experience and to visit the virtual tour, who knows maybe one day you and your woman will enjoy walking there together, holding hands and smiling.

Join drawing lesson

You’ll find a lot of them online and you will be able to draw the picture even though you are a fresher. Just imagine you will be able to draw your first picture! Discuss with your partner this idea, for sure, she will support you. The artists say that every person can draw and if you have had this idea beforehand, go ahead and don’t waste time. Join an online course with your beloved person and enjoy time creating something beautiful. This will fill your soul with emotions, will give you the power and you’ll realize that it’s never too late to learn. And even an old dog can learn a new trick. You just need passion, desire, and strong will to do this.

These days social distancing is more relevant than ever. However, it’s important to understand that this is not a reason for loneliness so we have collected for you 10 ideas for virtual dates that will help you get to know each other better and possibly find your love.