24 years old from Lviv

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    16 May

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    166 cm5' 5''

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    53 kg117 lbs

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    Single and No children

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    will decide with my husband

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    Ukrainian NativePolish Pre-IntermediateEnglish Pre-Intermediate

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    Marriage, Romance, Relationship, Dating

Marta 8398

My future goals are

All in all I have two most important dreams that hold a special place in my heart and inspire me on my journey of self-improvement and spiritual growth! 

Despite my fast-paced lifestyle and busy schedule at work, I still keep a huge list of self-improvement and psychology books in my heart.

This list of books is more than just a reading list for me - it's a kind of guidebook in the world of personal development. 

Books devoted to self-knowledge and psychology have become reliable companions for me in my search for the truth about myself! Although time to read them is limited, I appreciate every opportunity to immerse myself in the wisdom of authors who can shed light on the mysteries of the human soul.

These books help me to find myself, to become a real person among the gray ordinariness. 

They are a tool for my inner growth, helping me to unravel the puzzle of my own self and understand the world around me on a deeper level.

In addition, my passion for reading is accompanied by another deep love - for animals. My second dream is to create a charitable foundation dedicated to their protection. 

This foundation should be a support for those who cannot protect themselves, for those whose voices often remain invisible in the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

For me, a charitable foundation is not just an abstract dream. It is my way of translating my love for animals into deeds, into actions that can change their lives. 

I see in this charity project not only my vocation, but also an opportunity to contribute to the creation of a better world for all the creatures with whom we share this planet.

But of course the constant for me remains the creation of a large and strong loving family I dream of 2 children who will grow up in a harmonious and mentally healthy environment I want me and my man to responsibly approach the duties of parents and raise our children in harmony with nature happiness and prosperity.

My typical day

My morning starts with a book and coffee! I always eat something light and healthy in the morning, because in the evening I always have a gym session waiting for me) Do you like sports?

I feel really relaxed when I am at home.

For me, my home is not just a place to live, but a real fortress where coziness and tranquility reign. I am quiet and therefore prefer the peace and quiet of my own corner rather than loud hangouts and parties!

My dream is to create a cozy nest together with my partner, where every moment will be filled with warmth and understanding)

Despite the fact that my working day is filled with worries and responsibilities, I always come home with joy. For me, home is a place where I can always relax and enjoy the tranquility after a day of work! 

In my corner of the world, I find inspiration and strength to improve and move forward....

I do not leave my ambitions and dreams for the future, so I regularly go to work, striving for self-improvement and professional growth!  At the same time, I keep my dreams of entrepreneurship and a successful career. 

I see myself in the future as a successful entrepreneur and I am not willing to give up my ambitions! Do you like women who have career aspirations?

However, my dreams are not limited to career advancement! I imagine how together with my man we will develop and reach new heights, dream of traveling together, enriching experiences...

Family is not only a fortress, but also a source of inspiration and strength for me! I strive for harmony in various spheres of my life, creating a special world where love, trust and mutual understanding are valued! Do you think it is possible to achieve this alone?

Our personal opinion of this Lady

The girl is a real ray of sunshine! Her sweet, energetic nature and endless smile make her unique. She is always ready for new accomplishments and easily rises after difficulties, perceiving life as an exciting adventure.

The energy radiated by this girl is contagious. She seems to charge around with positivity and inspiration, always looks at everything with optimism and joy.

Her friendliness and ease of communication create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort around her. She is friendly and open to new acquaintances, which makes her pleasant company for those around her. Her smile lights up the space and gives the impression that the whole world is full of miracles and magic)

Her ability to find joy in small things and take life with ease makes her not only a pleasant conversationalist, but also a real source of inspiration for others. Her optimism and enthusiasm infect everyone around her, creating an atmosphere of joy and positive emotions...

The type of man that I desire

I believe that a man is the person who makes a woman happy. I would like to find a gallant, self-confident, generous, passionate and caring man. Moreover, I want to feel safe and loved next to him, I want to feel like a woman....

I am very thoughtful and appreciate beautiful conversations about philosophy! I love to dive into deep thoughts and spend time discussing smart and philosophical topics)

Sometimes I think that my mind is always looking for answers to questions about the meaning of life, about values and about inner harmony...

It is important for me to be near a man who shares my interests and appreciates the depth of thinking! 

I dream of a partner who will not only be able to support me in intellectual dialog, but will also be responsible and serious.

This person, on whom I can always rely, should be ready to give me a helping hand at any moment, especially when I find myself in a difficult situation or confused in my thoughts. Are you not afraid of difficulties?

I need a partner who can support me not only emotionally but also practically, ready to step in and help me solve life's puzzles.

Will you help me get to know myself? This is so important for everyone, but not everyone realizes it...

What I do in my leisure time?

I am full of love for nature and consider it an inexhaustible source of inspiration and strength! Every moment spent among trees, flowers and rustling leaves is for me a kind of ritual that lifts my mood and fills my heart with harmony....

In nature I find peace and an opportunity to recharge myself with positive energy! The sounds of birds, the sound of the river and the smell of the earth create for me a unique atmosphere that promotes inner peace.

I have also recently started practicing meditation and reading spiritual books. I believe that one can always find deep meaning in every moment of one's life and strive for spiritual development. 

Meditation has become a way for me to find inner peace and learn to listen to myself!

I love to spend time in reflection while sitting with a cup of coffee in my hands. For me it is not just a drink, but a real ritual that allows me to immerse myself in my thoughts, gain strength and inspiration. The aroma of coffee and the warmth of the cup create a cozy atmosphere in which I can concentrate and think about various aspects of my life.

About my family

For me, my family now is my faithful friend and companion, a cat named Aurora. Together we create a special alliance, full of affection and mutual understanding) However, despite the harmony, I dream that our life is filled with male warmth and care!

My dreams for a man are not limited to just dating, I am looking for a partner who will be caring, attentive and patient. This man should be ready to accept a woman's whims with understanding and ease. 

I dream of a partner who will not only support her, but also share with her the joys and difficulties of everyday life. In turn I promise to do the same to be with a man both in joy and in sorrow despite any circumstances)

I and Aurora dream of a responsible man, ready to take on responsibilities and be a strong support for their future family! This man will be our protector and reliable companion in life. In turn, I will give him attention, affection and tenderness ...

I am already anticipating the moments when she will be able to cook delicious dishes for her man, creating an atmosphere of comfort and warmth in their home! Cooking for me is not just a process, but a manifestation of care and love! 

My dream is to surprise my man with delicious dishes, so that every lunch or dinner becomes a small holiday....

Thus, my family dreams extend far beyond the boundaries of a cozy home filled with Aurora purring) I dream of a true union where love and care will be the flowers decorating our common garden of life!

How would I describe myself

Do you want to have positive light in your life? Than you need to catch me. I am lady full of energy and always try to make lives of important for me people better. You want talk about all? I am here. You wan't laugh? I am here. You want to drink tasty coffee and east sweet cake? I am here with cake)

I love spending time in reflection, sitting with a cup of coffee in my hands! For me it is not just a drink, but a real ritual that allows me to immerse myself in my thoughts, gain strength and inspiration. 

The aroma of coffee and the warmth of the cup create a cozy atmosphere in which I can concentrate and consider various aspects of my life)

There is an opinion about the harm or benefit of coffee, and I probably wonder about this topic) What do you think? Do you like coffee?

Why don't we discuss it over a cup of the hot beverage? Opinions can differ and it can get interesting)