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Fight scam

Reminder: Brush Up On Scam Technique

20 Dec 2017 at 06:45

As a rule dating websites experience frequent romance or dating scam complaints per months. Actually there is no exact data as it depends on website business experience and reputation. But in general the number varies from 10 to 100 per months in average. Such frequency is connected with social platforms and private emailing, any different party to skip from website to personal contact. Dating scam has become overwhelming today, con artists can even call to their victims as it is very easy for them to find a telephone number. Such kind of crime is called ‘catfishing’. Scammers mainly act via profiles created exceptionally, that aimed to lure potential victims. Keep in mind that as a rule name is not real and related profile details are false or stolen.

Scammers on Facebook: best advices to fend off

20 Dec 2017 at 06:25

You know, even the most popular social network of Mark Zuckerberg suffer from scammer each day, they do their best to keep their 1.5 bn members in safe mode. You’ll be happy to win tickets or any product as a prize for 1 like of any marketing page on Facebook. However those trade marks you were convinced for their status were simple and decent fraud. Actually thousands of scam sites and pages post their advertisement for comments, shares and likes just to lure potential customers to their company, they pretend to be high-quality brands. Such swindlers wait for fools and those users who do not take time to reconsider. Experts say that such reputable and trusted websites can be a real platform for online scam, fraud or any for cyber crime.

Let’s stop scam together!

20 Dec 2017 at 06:22

You know, this is the problem of the urgent solving nowadays. It is not so easy to name all international agencies that suffered from scam artists attacks as their quantity is more than we can find in general world statistics. Each decent company cares about their customers safety and only indecent ones choose shadow business offering all confidential information to the scam power, an unexcusable maneuver. But nevertheless one side-job is not effective to keep scammers away. Our members great help is very much appreciated. We apply our male members be attentive with this: do not give or make any provocative things to attract scammer to be on the website. Like many other tips mentioned above in previous topics, we encourage our men be sincere with us and inform us about ...

Phishing and Internet frauds

19 Dec 2017 at 10:33

Phishing as a Modern Way of Victimizing. Within this post you will enjoy your internet vocabulary with new notions. So, let’s talk about PHISHING. If we imagine a fish, there is a fisherman somewhere next to her dreaming about a good game! Modern life dictates new rules of surviving and internet can lead to a lot of income or a loss. For now we mean process of activities of a group of people who represent a “trustworthy entity” in the sphere of electronic communication. The aim is to obtain secret information (logins, PIN numbers, etc.) from social websites and online payment processors via spam mailing. Such spam messages may contain malicious website links, as a rule they are infected.

Dating scam signs

19 Dec 2017 at 10:26


How to distinguish a potential dating scam? Is it possible at all? Love knows no reason, no borders, no distance. Modern communication facilities give an outstanding opportunity to find love, no matter where your special someone may live. Regrettably, the global character of the web gives a good opportunity to diverse sorts of scammers. Their strategies and tactics differ, but all they have the same aim – your money. But how to distinguish where is a potential cheater, in other words, Russian bride scams, and where is a lonely heart? Is it possible at all? Fake profile. Check the picture from the profile. Search the Internet for the same photographs. For obvious reasons Russian dating scams never use their true images.

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