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400 millions users of dating websites have their data leaked out to the internet

16 Nov 2016

beware stealing your personal data to the InternetHow to protect your personal data in internet? The answer still remains unknown, as judged by the latest events. A website AdultFriendFinder was subject to a big huck attack recently. As a consequence 400 millions users suffered. All their passwords have been cracked and their personal information has been shared.

By the way, do you know what passwords do people use predominantly? Combinations 123456 and similar ones. Agree, it is quite unwise to choose such a combination and leave personal data vulnerable. More details about this hack attack and popular password combinations you will find in this article.

Some useful advices for our valued men and women

26 Oct 2016

Dating advices for Internet usersHow to feel safe during your online dating? There are a couple of useful tips in this article. Accomplishment of these recommendations requires some effort, but it is worth it. It is much more worse when a person is careless and doesn't concern about everything. In such a case this person shows a lack of seriousness.

If you are serious about your online dating and don't want to waste your time and money, read these small recommendations. Following them you will be able to find a real, honest and good wife in internet who will make you really happy.

Online Communication Fraud

10 Oct 2016

Beware money swindlers on online social portalsHave you ever received a message in a social network from your closest friend who asks you to open some link or enter your personal data in some form? It is quite possible that someone has hijacked your friend's profile and now you receive scam messages.

This is not the only way to share a scam link in internet or do some other acts of crime. Then you logically ask the question how to avoid scams on popular social networks? In order to help you, we will tell you how to keep your safety and enjoy your communication on various websites.

Ukraine Is Famous For Its Sex-Tourism Trips

15 Apr 2016

Sex tourism in UkraineA big part of Ukrainian girls and women with serious intentions to get acquainted with foreign men may easily run into sexual game lovers. According to the law of Ukraine there is no specific notion for sex-tourism nowadays but in Ukraine ladies who are interested in a sex job are used to search for their potential clients in networks or international dating websites, they also receive some commission from those dating websites for giving beautiful photos to attract men all over the world which are used to fool their members with consciously forged profiles with those photos.

Foreign men consider Ukrainian women to be beautiful, mature, tender, thoughtful and easy to approach. That’s why to buy sex is normal for them. A part of illegal sex-industry consists of online services and dating agencies that foreigners use for their purposes to find a one-night girl. It is quite easy to visit Ukraine with a properly prepared trip and sex services guaranteed in a so called «sex tour». Still mentally Ukrainian nation is far from accepting prostitution. Many Ukrainian ladies have intentions to make their deep dream to marry happily a reality. They are pursuing for successful communication to start a real family, with beloved person next to them and children of course. UaDreams is one of those dating web-sites that cares about ladies and their member’s safety, and the agency has a lot of experience in international dating sphere.

Scam Victims

09 Mar 2016

Scam tricks storiesSpeaking about scam, we should say that not men are the easiest victims of online con artists. Statistical numbers state that females is the most vulnerable part of social media and dating web-sites users. It is hard to imagine to what extremes they are ready to go in their hope to become closer to their virtual «knights in shining armour». One should not call them naive or stupid but sometimes love makes all of us blind, so it is better to stay informed before starting your online dating activities. The biggest dating web-sites also have their own ways of protecting their customers. It is our hope that some real life stories published in this article are going to raise alertness of the dating web-sites users and will help them to avoid some familiar scammers' traps.

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