♥ Tatianas and students have their special day!

26 Feb 2024

Tatianas special day

Is your lady a Student? Or her name is Tatiana or Tania, or maybe Tatyana, Tanya? Do you tenderly call her Tanyusha, Tanichka, Tatjana, Tanyushka, Taniushka?

So you should know she will have a holiday soon! January 25th is both Students' and Tatiana's day.

Why? It is one more queer Ukrainian tradition :)
But all students and Tatianas ALWAYS celebrate this holiday.

In 1755 on the day of St. Tatiana the Empress signed «The decree on establishment of the first university in Moscow». Since then this day is considered to be the student's holiday and St.Tatiana is the patroness of all the students. And this day is an official scholar's day.

Despite the holiday has quite old history its traditions are still alive. A lot of significant events, historic figures and patron saints are connected with the name Tatiana so far. It is a unique and special name which is considered to be very important for more than two centuries.

Therefore if she is a student, congratulate her on passing winter exams and ask her abour her studies — she would love to tell you about her progress in the online chat! And if she used to be a student once (almost 80% of our woman), talk about these happy days ih her life. Tell her about your experience. Know each other better through our online dating service!