Online dating tips for men

03 Apr 2023

Our agency has been working in the sphere of online dating for men and women more than 10 years. Thousands men and women found his or her beloved persons with our help. We are providing wide-spread complex of assistance– from the start of correspondence online to organizing a meeting in the country of origin of a woman. Do we have universal advice for online dating? Of course, every man or woman needs a special approach for starting a good and long-termed online dialog. But there are several universal rules for online dating that we have been collected from successful stories of our clients.

Rule #1 - Find the common interests with a woman you like

Common interests – online dating rule #1Decide what type of Ukrainian woman you are interesting in. You could use our catalog of women’s profiles. It is characterized by a universal searching algorithm – women’s accounts could be sorted by different criteria - by her age, hair color, height, absence or presence of children etc. You could use several filters for finding profiles that you really need to. Next step is to familiarize with the women’s profiles and to find something common.

Rule # 2 – Find something unique in you and common with a woman

your profile on the dating site - rule #2Your profile is the key to a successful start to online dating. There a lot of standard responses for online dating questionnaire – every man like movies, football and interesting trips abroad. How a woman could choose you through hundreds dating guy’s profiles? So make some efforts for fulfilling your online profile. A woman could distinguish your profile from the crowd of identical men’s profiles and that’s your first profit.

Rule #3 - Many compliments are not always good

many compliments are not always a good ideaUkrainian women are very critical to men who start a conversation with tons of compliments and words about her appearance or body shape. This is really bad idea to do this. Start with a little gift. It could be flowers or candy box or even a teddy bear. It could characterize you as a guy with serious intentions and attract Ukrainian women to you.

Rule #4 - A woman always responds to a letter with the appropriate humor or online dating is not for boredom

Do not be boring in communication - online dating rule #4Every Ukrainian woman wants to find a good online interlocutor with appropriate sense of humor. So start with a cute joke and develop your idea in your next phrases. A woman should positively evaluate your strategy and think on developing your relationships. Don’t be boring or don’t ask stupid questions with any interesting overtones. Be a conductor of your online conversation.

Rule #5 - Few answers, and many questions to the woman lead to the collapse of communication

Ask interesting questions in an online conversation rule #5Ask a woman one question with several options of answers or possibility in the near future to develop such questions to a good online conversation. Good example of a question: “Have you ever been abroad? If so, which country do you like?” or “I’m really think a lot on ecological problems and I’ve started to separate my household wastes. What do you think on ecological problems in your country?” Bad example: “Do you like to travel?”

Rule #6 - Letters with grammatical errors lead not to good conversation

Ban on grammatical errors in letters - online dating rule #6Ukrainian women are very sellective to a man, so, if you have three errors in a sentence – you have no chance in online dating. It’s better to use an assistance of our service for guys and to be sure that everything will be perfect.

Rule #7 - 1 letter for 1 beautiful woman

A woman could feel that she is not special for you if received boring letter from you without any original piece of information. So be flexible and write unique letters to Ukrainian women.

Rule # 8 - Develop an acquaintance by phone or video chat

From correspondence to a phone call or video chatAs a development of your dating online correspondence, you can also use a telephone or video chat for improving your communication. You could use several options through our website telephone call (30 minutes for $ 40.00 and 60 minutes for $ 55.00) or video conference (30 minutes for $ 80.00 and 60 minutes for $ 110.00).

Therefore, following such advice, any man can attract a beautiful woman who is interested in him, and our company is ready to help you in this case.