Dating a Younger Woman: Reasons and Tips Why do older men date younger women?

11 May 2023

Why do older man date younger women?

Causes may lie deep in our nature. So, let's reveal some.

A younger partner is life-affirming. If a man can wake up next to a woman a decade or two younger, he can convince himself that he is still young. After all, young women are fun, free-spirited, energetic, and have a zest for life. This youthful energy is attractive for older guys, that is they why choose dating a younger woman. And a few words of divorced mature men surfing for young women. As the saying goes, "Once burnt, twice shy." Some men have the scare, that women of their own age are all similar to his ex. It is one of the reasons. And, last but not least, – working hard for many years and creating a status, he is tired of the rat race and is seeking more connection and intimacy. He believes that young person is still idealistic, less bitter and still trust in love. This is another case, why older men may choose dating with a woman 30 years younger. The main reason – they do it because they can.

It is necessary to say, that there are many young beautiful and bright women seeking relationships with mature men. Opinion polls show that a noticeable number of Ukrainian women aged 20 to 35 spoke in favor of a serious relationship with older men from other countries, if this is the "only person" that a woman needs.

Benefits of Dating a Younger Woman

But in any great idea there are pros and cons. You want to create a new relationship with a woman much younger than you. Yes, – your more youthful female pair may be more sexually attractive to you — making you feel younger — and she probably doesn't call you out on all the mess issues like an older woman might. Some physicians and physiologists say that a close relationship with a younger person helps to awaken a tired body and return the man the joy and taste of life and extend the period of activity. Although the maximum effort and the associated stress, according to experts, can have a reverse effect. But the whole point is the goal. Love always justifies the risk, if it is true.

If you want to become a father and create a new happy family, dating a much younger women my be a good idea. Yes, psychologists say that such an alliance can be as successful, as both older men and younger women share the same need for connection and intimacy. But a young woman is not always ready for marriage and childbirth, for her this is a difficult decision and one must be delicate. In addition, the physiological risk factor for the future child can not be discarded because of the age difference of the partners. To conclude: they look good, are easy to get along with, but there are a number of challenges associated with your decision to achieve the reciprocity of a young woman.


Live examples of happy age-gap couples.

Why doesn’t age matter to some people? They might be attracted to someone older or younger who wants the same things out of life at a given moment. Age isn’t necessarily the main reason of what a person wants. For instance, not every 20 years old woman considers that it is too early for her to have children, and not every 40 years old woman dreams about kids. That’s less about age, more about desires.

So our age-gap couples matched – all these people looked for similar dreams and aims. Alina and Willie, Tatyana and Michael, Murat and Lena, Klaus and Olga and a lot of other couples who met on UaDreamsdreamt to create a family with a person who shares their strivings. They fell in love in each other’s kindness, care, reliability, sense of humor, courage and understood that they will have a great life together.

Happy married couple Alina and WillieHappy married couple Klaus and OlgaHappy married couple Tatyana and MichaelHappy married couple Murat and Lena

Main Tips on How to Date a Younger Woman

Here are some basic tips for mature knights on the way to the heart of a young lady:

  • Be reliable as a rock and at the same time be confident. Let your dream find protection and support in you. Note: do not try to patronize her ("daddies" fail).
  • Behave nobly and politely. If you naturally, without being asked, open doors for women and help them with their jacket, it signals, that you are respectful and classier than all the other guys. Do not curry favor (you are a knight and not a footman).
  • Be ready to change yourself in to a better version. Do not forget the simple rules of hygiene and cleanliness style in clothes.
  • Do not give her too much of your time. It looks annoying. Let her wait and feel curiosity about you.
  • Learn to act your age without pretending young, stay away from the “creepy” zone and show these young women you are content in your skin and with your age.
  • Do not be hasty in a relationship. Let the lady herself decide when she is ready to become even closer. Show her you are a gentleman and you’re willing to wait.
  • There are some mature men, who want to get into relations with younger ladies but don't, for these things are in their minds…

*I just shouldn't be in love with a younger woman. It's wrong.

*No young woman is going to be drawn to an old guy like me.

*She can't be with me, for we are I different phases of our lives.

STOP right now because these are programmed thoughts. The reality is quite different. There is nothing wrong with dating a younger woman just along as she is legally of age and wants the same. “Different” phases in life does not mean incompatible.


Age should not become an obstacle when searching for a partner to spend a life with. If you really like a woman who is younger than you, you should try to win her heart, using these dating a younger woman advices. Dating a woman 20 years younger is not so scary, as it may seem. Follow your heart, do not be shy, fulfill your dream with us! Register and find your happiness! Good luck!