How to destroy a relationship - things you shouldn't do

26 Aug 2020

Have you ever heard about so simple but at the same time so important things or behavior that is detrimental to the relationship and can lead to destruction? You may think that everything is fine and your couple is a happy one but one day you'll wake up and will realize that you are single and not in the relationships anymore. Are there any reasons for this to happen? Have you asked yourself why do I destroy relationships? Let's find out the answer together. Here is the list of things that you should know and keep in mind if you wish to have long-lasting relationships.

Have you asked yourself why do I destroy relationships?

Selfishness and no compromise

Being a couple means to find solutions and compromise. When you are in the relationships you should think about your partner and take care of him or her. Being selfish destroys relationships. Look for the solutions together and build harmonic communication. Your partner will appreciate and will feel when you think about her feelings and desires. She will do the same back and will take care of you.

Lies and understatements

Trust is such a fragile thing, it's so easy to lose it, remember this and never make this mistake. Tell only the truth and your partner will trust you, there is no place for lies when you are together. Tell about things that happened with you during the day, be open, and your partner will feel this. The Greek proverb says: "The truth is hiding gold". Let it be the base of your relationships, remember that telling the truth you build a bridge and a solid foundation for the future.

Constant negative emotions

Be positive and try to be in a good mood. For sure, you may be in a bad mood because you feel bad or the weather is bad but to mumble and grumble all the time isn't a norm. Stay positive and try to see nice things around us. All of us have so many problems but it's better to stay in a good mood and solve the problems.

Don't keep your promises

Do you value the relationships with your woman? If your answer is positive so you should better keep your promises. People hate when someone breaks the rules, doesn't keep promises or so, that's destroying the relationships. Of course, in future, it may be a reason to break up.

Flirting outside a relationship

What is the aim of flirting? Does your partner see this? Anyway, it's better to send your energy and efforts to the family. Don't lose time for flirting, it's better to spend it with your lady who will give you positive emotions, love, and feeling that you are desired. When your partner knows that you are flirting with other ladies, that would be the end. Be wise.

Lack of initiative

Your partner is sick and tired to wait for your next step, you make her wait or to do everything herself? That destroys relationships, your partner wishes for your deeds, she is waiting for your deeds, she wants to feel a woman and to be protected. Do something that will make her happy and will impress her. Organize a romantic dinner, bring flowers, buy a tour for the holidays. Your lady would like that you are a man of action.

You can't hear your partner

Do you know the difference between listening to the person and hearing the person? The difference is very big, you may listen but what about hearing. You aim to build harmonic relationships so you should be on your partner's side, know what her wishes are, what her fears are, what desires she has. That's very important if you don't want destroyed relationships.

Our experts made a survey and based on its results managed to give you these pieces of advice. We are happy to be helpful and we do hope that your couple will be the happiest one ever.