Dating Etiquette

  • What should a man know about women in their 40s

    20 Apr 2023

    Everyone has long known that public opinion and tastes are formed under the influence of pop culture. And these tastes are entirely on the side of the twenty-year-olds.

    So, it is unfair, in our opinion, that single women (beautiful, smart and successful) who have crossed the notorious forty-year milestone, according to the prevailing stereotype, are "descended from a love distance".

    This text is intended to open your eyes to several reasons why it's so cool to meet and start a close relationship with a forty-year-old woman, and also what are the pros and cons of such relationships.

  • 50+ best interesting questions to ask a girl you like

    14 Apr 2023

    If you met a beautiful girl who would like to know better, and all your wits disappear as soon as you get a chance to chat with her, then 50+ interesting and funny questions to ask a lady specially sellected by experts of the UaDreams dating site are exactly what you need.

  • 7 top signs of a one sided relationship.

    29 Mar 2023

    One can be touched to tears by the examples of chivalrous service to a beautiful lady singing in ballads. Oh, these feats and sacrifices of a loving soul who does not expect anything as a reward! Yes, in poetry it looks great...

    But in reality, such relationships are painful. If in the love uni0n of two people all (or almost all) responsibility, work and blame for common problems are placed on the “knight” — this is one-sided relationship. How to define and fix this we will discuss in the following article.

  • What impresses a woman the most?

    20 Apr 2021

    Frankly speaking, to impress women isn't an easy task and this is a well-known fact. Many men wish to know how to do this, they keep trying to impress but they are still puzzled and wish to know more. There are a lot of guides and tips written on how to impress a woman and what impresses a woman, but not all of them are working. Every situation is special and unique but sometimes a very small gesture, a smell, or several words make the best first impression. That will help a woman to decide if she wants to go on the relationship, if your couple has a future, or if there will be a second date. Your dreams will come true if you do the right things and follow very simple pieces of advice.