6 tips for men how to make a Russian girl feel special

26 Sep 2018

It’s not a big deal to for men to make a beloved woman feel as a princess. When you love girl and respect her interests, you could make your beloved lady feel special.

During more than 10 years of working of our agency UaDreams we analyzed hundreds of interviews of Russian girls for understanding how to make them happy. We collected main tips for men how to make a Russian girl feel special and we want to share with you results of our survey.

Leave everything behind the threshold

When you are on a date with your woman, don’t check your e-mails or messages all the time. Results of football matches or questions from friend could wait until tomorrow, you are on a date so, be present there. Look to your lady, smile to her and she will be in seventh heaven. You could make your woman happy by simple words: “Let’s spend this evening together, just you and me”

Be honest

The main feature of a true man is his honesty. If you aren’t sure that you fell in love with your Russian woman – don’t talk about it. There is nothing worse than to give your lady a groundless hope. Be honest with her, and she will understand that your intentions are serious.

Be attentive to gifts

It’s not in tradition of Russian women saying that they would like to get as a gift. Russian girls are guru of allusions, so just listen to her. It shouldn’t be an expensive gift but a special one. Girls like little gifts – flowers, teddy bears, or even an invitation to a date in an envelope. If you don’t know what to buy her as a present – ask your woman, she would be appreciate for your straightness. If you want to make a surprise while online dating, our web site UaDreams.com provides such an opportunity – we offer you an option of buying a little present for your Russian lady – a candy box, a teddy bear or even flowers.

Involve her in making decisions

When a Russian woman participates in decision-making, she also feels special for a man. It’s obvious and easy, but necessary to remember not to make decisions alone. Just negotiate with your woman, and she will feel essential for her man. You could make a girl feel special while texting short messages and involving her in everyday choice like: ‘What should I buy in a shop?” or “Which movie do you prefer to watch?”.

Be romantic

Russian women adore romantic men. You could invite her for a romantic dinner or a barbeque. If you have such a possibility - just walk with her to the seaside. Your woman would be happy to get such a surprise.

Always and everywhere say that you love and appreciate

You need to show her and your friends that you are happy to be with your woman. Say her that you love her as often as you could. Ask your woman on piece of advice or say her that you need her help. It would be a good sign for her that you are appreciate her and her opinion.

So, even if you are not an expert in relationships, you could follow our advices for making your Russian girl feel special. And remember, that if you are in the searching process of love of your life, you could register for free in our web site and find from hundreds of profiles of amazing Russian ladies your special one.

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