Don't make these 5 mistakes on your first date.

02 Jun 2021

Would you like to know the signs of a bad first date? We are here to tell you top dating mistakes to avoid. You will know mistakes men make when dating and will be able to make the best first date ever for you and your woman. To tell the truth, it’s very easy to make a great date the worst one so not to turn a good date bad you should know first date mistakes and avoid them. Read about first date mistakes and follow our simple pieces of advice to make a positive impression and spend a great evening with  a nice Ukrainian babe .

Mistake 1 - you are late

Oh, that is a very common mistake. Yes, we are busy and always in a hurry. However, this time you should come in time, this is a must. Do your best and come earlier than the woman. Ladies don’t like when men come late so it’s better to plan your time, to predict if there may be traffic jams or any other accidents, it’s better to leave home without any delays. This is the way to show that you appreciate the girl, respect her, and the time that you are going to spend together. For sure, anything may happen and there may be unpredictable situations, the best you can do is to call the woman and tell her that you are late. Be polite and explain everything, ask to wait for a while. If you have a date in the café, suggest her ordering something that will keep her busy and she will not be nervous waiting for you.

Mistake 2 - you talk but don't listen

To be a good listener is not a gift, you will be able to get this skill. Remember, nobody likes to listen to other people too much, they prefer talking about themselves. This is the fact confirmed by psychologists. Think carefully about the themes you are going to talk about, just to fill the pauses with the right questions. Keep asking questions that will help you to know more about the woman and her inner world. Do not forget to listen to her answers. Some men ask a question and then dive into their thoughts without listening to the answer. In some period they ask the same question again, they look ridiculous. If you want to build something serious with this woman, listen to her, you will know her thoughts, points of view, life values, and, of course, what kind of relationships she wishes.


Mistake 3 - keeps looking at your phone

That’s annoying, believe me. When you check your phone every minute it makes a very bad first impression. The woman thinks that you are not interested, you don’t want to communicate, or maybe you are in a hurry. Yes, there may be some urgent work and you have to answer or stay in touch. Apologize if you have something urgent and you should check your phone. It would be great if you explain why and will do that fast. If you need to discuss anything, apologize and go to the restroom. That would be perfect – you will be able to talk and won’t disturb the woman but remember that you should do everything fast, don’t stay in the restroom for ages.

Mistake 4 – drinking a lot

Of course, you are nervous and you wish everything goes well so you decide to drink to be brave. Think carefully if you really need this. For sure, the first impression would be wrong and you won’t impress the lady at all. To drink too much alcohol on the first date is even worse. The woman may think that you are an alcoholic and won’t communicate with you anymore. The next day she will not answer your message and will not go on the second date with you. That is not what you have expected so don’t do that, the first impression is extremely important so refuse to drink alcohol on the first date. Remember, there are a lot of healthy drinks that would be perfect for the first meeting with your woman.

Mistake 5 - did not show interest in dialogue

You may be shy or feel uncomfortable when you don’t know what to say or how to behave. The best thing is to show that you are interested in the girl, in spending time together. Be involved in the process and take part in the conversation. Keep asking questions, tell about yourself, listen to her answers and everything would be fine. Such behavior gives the right signals to the woman, it shows that you wish to know her better, you wish to go on communication, and you like her.

The first date is not an exam, that is a very exciting event and it may be full of positive emotions and it must be filled with happiness and bright emotion. Let it be the beginning of something serious in the future but you should be in the present, here and right now. Only you and the woman are the people who make this moment and live this moment, be happy and positive.