What to talk about on the first date with a girl

28 Oct 2020

This is a big day for you and for the lady you are going to date with. Let’s hope everything will be fine and perfect. However, let’s not only hope, let’s do the right things, first of all, think carefully about your outfit and your haircut. Already done? Perfect! Now let’s get useful and important knowledge that will help you to make the date unbelievable, unforgettable and perfect for her and yourself, of course. We will share with you things to talk about on the first date. A big number of men think about 10 things to talk about on a first date before the date, they are doing everything right because it’s so useful to be ready beforehand. So what to talk about on the first date with a girl?

Where does the girl feel at home?

This topic will help you to understand your lady and her background

You need to build a bridge, to understand her, to feel her. This very simple topic will help you to understand your lady and her background. You will know more about her life, her inner world, her dreams, her wishes, and you will be able to find out if your relationships have a future. At the same time, asking this question will help you to start a conversation about her family, relatives, and friends. However, you will have to talk about your family as well. Ready? Hope so.

Is she daddy's daughter or mommy?

what to talk about on the first date with a girl

If we are thinking about what to talk about on the first date with a girl, ask her if she is a daddy’s daughter or mommy. That is a perfect way to know more about your lady’s family and to understand the way she sees her future family. That will give you very clear answers, extremely useful information, and understanding if your woman’s family model suits your own one. For sure, some ladies aren’t ready to talk about the family on the first date, so ask the questions carefully and check her reaction.

How does she like to spend her weekends?

You are having the first date right now, so ask about her likes and preferences. Ask her about her ideal weekend or how she prefers to spend her free time. Find out if there is a place for you in her passtime. For sure, it would be great if you tell her about the way you like to spend your days off. Is your lady a couch potato? Do you prefer an active pastime? Or maybe vice versa? It’s better to know about this at the very beginning.

Don't forget to check her favorite hobby

Talking about hobbies brings much pleasure because you are discussing the things you enjoy, something that gives you positive and puts a smile on your face. You will tell her about your hobby but don’t talk much, it’s better to ask her. Be ready to listen to the thing you have never heard before. Although, if you go on the relationships, she will be able to teach you something and you’ll share your experience. We live and we learn, the world is full of things we have never heard before.

Hear the story of her friends

Ask her about her friends

Ask her about her friends. You can tell a lot about the person according to the friends he or she keeps. Listen about her friends and ask some questions to get more information. It’s very important to understand who you deal with. She will ask about your friends so let her know more about you and your close friends.

Favorite TV Show and Movie

This is a great and at the same time neutral topic. You will discuss your likes and preferences, you will be able to understand if you have the same tastes. It's normal to have different tastes. When people have different tastes they can teach each other and show something new. Anyway, you will be able to watch your favorite movies while she is watching hers. By the way, if you know her favorite movie, you will be able to organize the next date. Maybe in the cinema?

Ask about the craziest things in her life

Have fun and spend a great time together. Do you feel you are close enough for the questions? If your answer is positive, so go ahead and ask her about the craziest thing in her life. The answer may surprise you but you will know more about your woman. Maybe she jumped with a parachute, maybe she swam with sharks or climbed the rocks. Who knows what you will know about you lady? For sure, that will be a surprise.

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We tried to find the best things to talk about on the first date and we do hope they will help you to impress the woman. We wrote about the best things and at the same time good to talk about on the first date. Get ready for the first date carefully and make your first meeting special. If everything goes well, you will have another date and maybe one more. Your life will change forever and you will be happy ever after. For sure, the first date is a big step and you should do everything perfectly.