Useful first date tips for men from Ukrainian women

13 Nov 2023

Great news, you have asked a girl out and you wish to spend the evening together. This is your first evening together, your first date, and maybe the beginning of something more serious. What to do, what to ask, where to invite, what to bring with, and how to show that you like her. We know you have so many questions in your head. Here are our helpful tips for guys on the first date. Read them and get ready properly for the first evening with the woman you like.

Don't be weird

For sure, read all the tips on the first date for men. However, there is one extremely important piece of advice. Just be normal. Being yourself is the best thing you can do. You will let the woman understand you, to know you better and both of you will be able to understand if your relationships have a future. Behave as you always do, relax, and enjoy each other's company.

Come on time

Punctuality is always important, especially on the first date

Have you fixed the time and place where to meet? That’s great, do your best and come on time, this is a very important point not only for the first date. Think about transport, traffic jams or any other reasons beforehand. It’s better to come 10 or 15 minutes earlier. Let her know if any changes. Call or write a message and make sure she has seen it.

Dress well - watch your appearance

If you feel good in what you're wearing you'll look good

Ukrainian women pay much attention to the way they look. They prefer nice clothes, make-up and they pay attention to the men’s appearance. Is everything fine with your haircut? Are your clothes neat and tidy? All these things influence your first date and the first impression you make. For sure, women understand that men are interested more in cars than in clothes and fashion. Keep in mind, clothes and shoes should be tidy and clean.

Plan your first date in advance.

Are you going to ask her out? Plan where you go, what to do in advance. Any ideas for the first date? That may be a café, a restaurant, a concert or an exhibition. Find out if the restaurant has a table and make a reservation. Think about flowers, if it is possible, find out which ones she likes. If you and the lady like museums and decide to spend the first date there, check when the museum or an exhibition is open and buy tickets beforehand. Prefer to invite her to the concert? That is a good idea, as well. Ask her about her favorite singer and check when there is a concert, check if the tickets are available.

Prepare questions for communication

Of course, it's better to keep them in mind. You may write them on a piece of paper but at home. Remember, be normal. However, think about the themes and questions to discuss and to talk about. That should be common questions that will help to know each other better and to find out if you have much in common. Ask her about friends, free time, holidays, and hobbies. That would be great to know more about her life. Get ready to answer the same questions about your life. That may happen that you have the same hobby or you’ve spent holidays in the same country and both like traveling. When you find the theme that is interesting for both of you, your communication will be simpler and much more pleasant. Meanwhile, you have to find this topic.

Listen, don't just talk

Ok, you have a lot of themes to talk about, you have asked a lot of questions, and the woman answers. Would you like to know the best thing you could do? It is to listen! Listen to the women you are spending time with. You will have a chance to tell about yourself a little bit later. People like when others listen to them so be wise and use this knowledge to conquer her heart. So be polite and a very attentive listener, remember what she tells you, you will need this in the future.

Be in touch and call for a second date

You can plan a second date in a few days or a week

After the first date, you will need to show her that you liked your first meeting. Show her that you wish to go on communication. How to do this? Send her a message, saying thank you for the nice evening together and suggest meeting again. You may write “Thanks for the evening. You were great, I got much pleasure.” No doubt, you will get a response. According to her message, you will understand if she liked you. Let’s hope there was chemistry and something special is waiting for you in the near future.

These were our helpful first tips dating tips for men. These pieces of advice will help you to build relationships with a woman and to do everything right during the first date. By the way, a lot of tips work for the second, the third, and other dates that you will have with the woman.