Who pays on the first date?

26 Apr 2023

So, you are lucky to meet your beauty online and it comes to dating in real life. There some misunderstandings and variants of monetary etiquette are possible when daters represent different countries. To facilitate our members' passing through the tension of their first date and lay the foundation for a serious love relationship, UaDreams experts have developed and conducted a survey among girls looking for a life partner on our website.

This poll closely related to the inconvenient and "outdated" question of who still has to pay for the first date. More than 1000 ladies of different age and social categories were asked: Should a man always pay for a first date? Should a woman offer to pay for her portion? What does a woman really expect from a gentleman in this point? How does this affect the further development of relations?

Should a Ukrainian woman offer to pay on a first date?

Summing up the results of a survey of Ukrainian women regarding payment on a first date, our analysts came to the conclusion that the answers differ a little between age categories and only slightly depend on women's social status.

When asked who is responsible for covering the check on the first date, 69% of all polled said that the man should always pay, even if the initiator of the date is a woman. This opinion is especially popular among ladies in the age range of 30-39 years, which is almost 86% of all respondents who opted for men's pay. And although only 14% of ladies at the age of 21-29 years put the responsibility for the first date's paying on the guys purely, but about 71% of female singles of the same age category claim that the one who invites to a date pays. 30% of all women, regardless of age, answered that it would be decent and courteous to invite a man to split the bill for dinner, but almost all of them hope that a gentleman will be noble enough to reject this offer.


Who pays on the first date?

And a very small number of Ukrainian women (about 1% of all respondents) answered that they prefer to pay their share on the first date in order not to feel owe their date something (next date, sex etc.). But not everything revolves around money. As studies show, Ukrainian ladies are actually dreaming about a caring and generous soulmate, not a walking wallet. In most polled girls’ opinion, the knight's gestures at least on a first date show that he considers the lady worthy of the efforts and is grateful for the honor that she had given him by agreeing to a date.

Our analysts advise not to fix deeply into the question of who should pay the first date’s bill. You should rather care for pleasant communication and establishing contact. Anyway, paying is not an obligation, but a sign of the seriousness of your intentions. And if the next dates take place, then perhaps your lady will discuss all possible options of paying.You see, a bit of tradition will do no harm to anyone at the beginning of the relationship. If you have not yet found your lady and the first date for you is only a dream. Implement it with UaDreams, register on our website, communicate with bright Ukrainian ladies! Believe, you will definitely be lucky in love!