Top 10 flirty questions to ask a girl you like.

21 Apr 2023

On the long and winding path of finding happiness in love, an important place is given to a kind of game that we call flirting. All these shades of voice, meaningful smiles, playful half hints are familiar from a young age to girls and women. But flirting is not easy when it comes to guys.

To many men, this sweet art seems to be a secret behind seven seals. And meanwhile, the ability to start a conversation with a lady you like, and ask her fliritng questions gives real chances to be noticed and loved by exactly the woman you need.

Therefore, in order to help you to attract and keep the attention of a pretty girl with flirty questions, as well as gradually learn more about her, we have prepared for you ten witty and playful ones that you can use in your communication with a potential lover. Here are the best flirty questions to ask.

If you could choose with whom to spend the evening, who would this person be?

Quite an innocent question, but who knows what your lady will answer... In any case, you can guess her social tastes and preferences, and maybe something from her past life.

What was the first thing that came to your mind when you saw me (my profile on a dating site)?

A good but at the same time provocative flirty question, nonetheless offering a friendly openness and humor and, perhaps, showing this girl’s attitude and expectations to you.

What is your favorite day of the year?

A flirty dating question, because behind the easy playfulness in it is guessed a sincere interest in the lady. And also you can find out when you need to remember to send flowers to her or make another pleasant surprise.

When was the last time you committed a crazy act and what was it?

This flirting question for a girl will clearly show you how adventurous or calm her character is and whether she is courageous enough to answer such a question. If you like her answer, maybe later you will offer to do something unusual together.

What does the guy of your dreams look like?

A flirty conversation starter with a girl that can give you valuable information about the features of a man’s appearance or character that attract her, and this can help you to win her heart. Ask and maybe in return you will hear a nice compliment, who knows?..

If you met a wizard ready to fulfill three of your innermost desires, what would you wish?

Such a flirting question for a lady is good because it not only shows the presence of a girl's imagination, but also the absence (if lucky) of earthiness and greed. In addition, it returns you, adults to a fairy tale and makes it possible to dream a little.

Do you remember what your first love was like?

This is a great question to flirt with a girl online. Nothing brings together so far unfamiliar people as sweet memories of the first tender feeling. A slight awkwardness that arises between people who talk about their first love risks lighting the spark of a new bright flame.

How do you relieve stress after a hard day?

A very good flirty question to ask in our opinion. Through easy playful conversation, you will learn how you can please your sweetheart, help her to relax after a hard day's work. It can be useful if your relationship has a future.

Why, on Earth, such a wonderful girl is still not married?

Flirting involves a bit of adulation as a means of seduction. Or maybe you will learn something new about your lady’s way of life and past relationships.

Are you the one who believes in love at first sight?

This is the question that is most often (and invariably effectively) asked to girls for flirting. Try and maybe this one will break the ice between you.

In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that in the art of flirting the most important thing is the ease and naturalness of communication. This is the main thing that should be remembered by guys who, armed with this set of flirt questions, will try to win their beauty. Place your profile on our dating site and take a chance to ask our girls your questions to flirt! Brave always lucky.