How to understand that she loves you?

24 Apr 2023

Hardly anyone, whether male or female, will argue with the fact that finding love is not easy. But it's especially hard for guys, because the laws of strict logic do not work in the field of feelings, and the intuitive instinct for men is less developed.

Therefore experts of UaDreams, intended this article directly to the gentlemen, so that they, having met their beautiful lady, could understand that she really wants a serious relationship.

After analyzing the profiles of our dating site members and the most frequently asked questions, we decided to identify a few obvious signs that a woman loves a man. We hope that this will greatly facilitate your search for happiness. So, attention, here they are.

She does her best to show interest in you in social networks or reacts to your profile on a dating site.

She writes you messages, invites to chat (or comments on your posts in Facebook showing your support). If a lady is interested in you, wants to learn more about your hobbies and everyday life, communicating online, it is very possible that she likes you very much. You can continue acquaintance in real life or ignore it.

The lady often looks at you, trying to establish eye contact.

If you try to turn your eyes at her, then her cheeks flush or she smiles in embarrassment. The desire to see you, to attract your attention – this is a sure sign that a woman loves you.

She is always on your side and is ready to support your ideas and help you in your affairs.

Even at the expense of her free time. This means that the woman is likely to be falling for you.

When a girl makes unexpected cute presents or funny surprises without any obvious reason.

And is attentive to the details and your tastes (or carefully reads and notes interesting details of your profile and photos online) – this is the vivid sign that she likes you very much.

She often tells you about her family and friends.

And says she would be happy to introduce you to them. And also she is interested in what your friends are, and shows her willingness to be friends with them. This lady clearly wants a serious relationship with you.

When a woman touches you "as if by accident.

It may mean that she is in love with you and unconsciously (or consciously) trying to attract to her, to enchant you.

If a woman is looking for opportunities to stay with you alone.

For example, planning a joint trip or going to the movies, this is a clear sign that she is not indifferent to you and wants to approach you and get to know you better.

If a lady tries to look attractive in your presence.

Although previously was not particularly stylish and rarely used makeup, this is also a sure sign that she wants you to like her.

She tries to take care of you in every possible way.

She worries about your health and asks you to give up bad habits, advises or even buys multivitamins for you, which means that you are lucky and the woman loves you very much, maybe this is your chance.

She tries to surprise and amaze you with her talents or achievements in any field.

It means only one thing: your opinion about her is insanely important for her and she wants close relations with you. And if you are interested in her poems or pictures, culinary talents or the ability to make bouquets and, most importantly, if you like this lady, do not miss such a treasure.

She tells you directly that you are very dear to her.

Such a transparent hint can not be overlooked, unless you are only a stone pillar. Girls rarely make direct steps to rapprochement. Consider yourself lucky – you are very fond of!

Finally it is worth noting, – the signs that a woman loves you are rather obvious. The main thing is to be attentive to people, that you are surrounded and you will make for yourself a lot of discoveries. However, do not expect that happiness itself will fall in your hands. Take courageous steps towards rapprochement with the lady you like. Become a member of the dating site or take a good look at your pretty colleague. Decide to be happy!