Miss Ukraine

24 Aug 2023

In 1991, after becoming independent, Ukraine joined the federations that hold official beauty events. So the start of the contest Miss Ukraine goes back to 1991. Now it is an annual contest that gives the right to the winner to represent Ukraine on the world competitions like Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Europe or Miss Earth.

Moreover, the winners of the competition Miss Ukraine were the stars and fought for the titles on the world scenes. Ukrainian women were able to show their elegance, sophistication and beauty. However, proving and showing Ukrainian originality.

Olga Ovcharenko became the first Miss Ukraine. She was a woman who first represented the country at a beauty contest after independence was proclaimed in 1991. For the recent years we should remember some girls who represented Ukraine.

Olga Ovcharenko - - Miss Ukraine 1991

Adriana Khasanshin, a 19 years old student from Lviv, was Miss Ukraine 2014.

Adriana Khasanshin - Miss Ukraine 2014

The title in 2015 was got by Christina Stoloka who, in spite of her beauty and brain, could not get to the final on the Miss World.

Christina Stoloka - Miss Ukraine 2015

Miss Ukraine 2016 was Aleksandra Kucherenko, she managed to get to “Top 10 Talented Ladies” on the prestigious contest.

Aleksandra Kucherenko - Miss Ukraine 2016

Polina Tkach was chosen as Miss Ukraine in 2017.

Polina Tkach - Miss Ukraine 2017

But in 2018 there was an unpleasant situation with the title and the winner. Veronika Didusenko lost the title Miss Ukraine in a few days after the event. As it became known, the woman from Kyiv violated the rules of the contest, hiding information that she had a child and that she was married. So Leonila Guz won the title Miss Ukraine 2018 and went to China to represent her Motherland on Miss World.

Leonila Guz - Miss Ukraine 2018

The task for the contest is to show that the participants are the impersonation of beauty, dignity, honor and wisdom. That’s why during the sellection of the contestants, the honorary jury draws attention to the girls’ hobbies, social activities and, of course, education. This is very important because the winners’ mission in particular and the contest in general is to represent and popularize Ukraine worldwide.

The team works hard on the competition image, spending most of its time on charity, as well as on social and, of course, cultural projects. There were some changes for the participants. In previous years only girls aged 17 to 24 years old and from 170 cm tall could take part in the competition. Therefore, from January 29, 2019 girls from 17 to 25 years old are allowed to participate and their height now is from 168 cm. The official Miss Ukraine site wrote that this way they would like to increase the number of girls who could take part in the Miss Ukraine contest. They sincerely hoped that way they would help more Ukrainian women to make their dream come true!

Contests are very important but they are not our real life, let’s reflect about this. The competition is a great event and a big show at the same time but it is only for 25 girls from Ukraine. Only 25 girls from the big country, that’s not a lot. For sure Ukraine is more than 25 girls, there are a lot of them in Ukraine, they live in big cities, in small towns and in the countryside as well. They are nice, pretty, tender, loving, caring and attentive. In theory, many of them deserve to be Miss Ukraine, in practice only few of them take part. But they may become your Miss. Why not to find your Miss Ukraine right now? They say Ukraine is the country where the most beautiful women live. Is it true? Who knows?.. Make sure right now because it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times.

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