How to write your first message when meeting online

02 Aug 2018

It’s a crucial issue that your first message needs to help you on making good expression on your online dating partner. It could be a good point of your long-termed love story in the near future. Your online dating conversation should start with the proper first message, and we want to mention several useful online dating message tips for guys.


Read a woman’s profile

You need to find all necessary and important information on her hobbies, preferences in personal and professional life, previous experience on online and offline dating and relationships. This isn’t wasting of your time but a preparing process to the next step – writing a first message to a woman that you like. A woman has described in her profile all the things that important for her, so, just read it properly - and it would be the clue to her heart and mind.

Focus on what you liked most about the woman

Start with a compliment – write something special about her. You could choose anything – her unusual hobby or her lovely pet, but not her physical appearance. Say something really unique, that proves that you’ve read her profile; this is the better way to start successful conversation.

Tell her about your common interests

Find an issue that you are interesting in or common with a woman. Don’t be shy and start your letter with such a thing - it could be a hobby, her favorite sport or music, your preferable season of year or whatever. Mention one thing that really impressed you in her profile and describe it in your first letter. It could be something like this: “I thought that nobody except me is in love with old rock ballads. Which one is your favorite?”

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Ask her about everything you want. You could start with a question on her favorite song, last weekend or foreign countries that she likes. Imagine which question you could answer about you with pleasure and ask her about the same thing. Don’t be rude or intrusive; it’s not a good idea to ask on her age or previous marriage. And remember, if you have no clue, what to ask next - you always could ask her about a date.

Rule of three sentences- good and bad examples of the first letter

You could use a rule of three sentences when writing your first message for your lady. First – you should write greetings. It could be “Hi”, “Hello”, “Good evening” depending on situation. Second – show a woman that you are really interesting in her, say her compliments or specify that you have a lot of common interests. There are some examples: “Your hobby is so rare” or “I couldn’t even imagine that there is one more person that prefers autumn instead of summer”. And third – ask her whatever you want: “What do you like to do on vacations? What is your favorite sport?” et cetera.

It’s not a right way to send short or aggressive messages like “Hey there”, “Hello”, “You have good shape in your thirty” or just “Let’s have a date”. It could cause a negative effect and it could repel a serious woman from you.

Therefore, using such tips, you could construct really good first letter that could be a good starting point for your future online dating conversation and, perhaps, relationships with Ukrainian woman that attracted you.

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