What should you never say on a first date?

20 Apr 2023

You have already got acquainted with the lady, you like her a lot, you have already invited her to the first date, and you are on cloud nine. You are to plan the time together, you’d like to make it perfect and unforgettable for you and for her. Your lonely days and nights are going to become the memories and you would like to organize the best date ever for the lady. That’s brilliant and you are happy now.

So there are some important things what to do and what not to do on the first date. This is a very principal moment and it’ll influence future relationships with the lady. If you do everything right, you’ll have the second, the third and the fourth dates and who knows what will happen then. Maybe all your dreams come true and you’ll never be lonely tomorrow and ever after. Knowing what not to do on the first date will change your life and will help you to impress the lady.

Do not mention your ex.

Do you still prefer to tell about your previous relationships with the possible future girlfriend? Your answer can’t be yes. Ladies prefer to talk about future together. Your interesting stories about former relationships shouldn’t be discussed. Your memories about the likes and dislikes of your previous girlfriend shouldn’t come to your next relationships. Maybe in the future, there will be questions about your ex. Think carefully about what to say. Be positive, think about tomorrow and build relationships. Be open to the future and the changes.

Issues of religion and politics is taboo.

Right now you have just started to know each other better. Discuss religion when you are ready. Discuss elections when the time comes. Leave these themes for later when you know your lady better. For sure, these topics are interesting to discuss but both of you should be very careful not to argue. Talking about politics supposes good understanding between you, that means that you have already learned how to listen to your partner, how to respect her or his point of view and how to stay polite discussing these hot themes. Find out her preferences later, you’ll have a chance for this. That’s a really good piece of advice.

Don't talk about a bank account on a first date.

It’s a theme for your future talks and now on the first date don’t ask about your lady’s income, salary or bank account. Of course, you may be curious. At the same time, you may puzzle the partner with your questions. Remember there are a lot of interesting topics to talk about, don’t forget to talk about movies, music, theatre, and sport. Anyway, it may happen that you’ll hear this question. In this case, the best advice is to keep your income and sum on the bank account under wrap. Let the woman like you, your inner world and your character. Impress her by your knowledge, politeness, being a gentleman and showing that you care about her. You’ll discuss your income lever or salary later. Find out if her intentions are pure and draw conclusions.

Ask questions and listen to the answers.

Remember that you have to be active and ask questions. Think about the questions that you’d like to ask your lady beforehand. It would be great to talk about her life, family, friends, and hobbies. If you would like to be with your lady, try to find something that you have in common. It may be a hobby, sport, cooking or music. Talk about things that you have in common, something that makes you closer. Don’t forget to listen to what she answers. Be attentive and remember what flowers she likes, when her birthday is and other important things. All this information will help to build relationships and to behave correctly later.

Questions about sex leave for later.

This isn’t a first date theme, you are skating on the thin ice when you decide to ask about sex preferences on the first date. Believe it, there will be a perfect moment in the future for discussing this intimate topic. You’ll feel when the moment is right and your woman is ready for talking about lovemaking. Don’t be in a hurry now and hold your horses. Of course, you have to develop the relationships but slowly, step by step. No need to be rush, you have enough time to use it well.


We wrote about the themes for the conversation on the first date that you should leave for later. Follow these simple but helpful pieces of advice and be happy in the future. In case, you are single, don’t waste time and get acquainted with Ukrainian ladies now.