“My man has to be successful. He has to be purposeful too... I want him to set goals and achieve them. I don't want to have misunderstandings in relations, and it would be great him to be an understanding person... And finally, if my man is romantic, he will win my heart for sure. ) ”

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Russian girl for marriage

28 Dec 2017


from 147 cm 4'10" / to 201 cm 6'7"


from 44 kg / 88 lbs to 125 kg / 275 lbs


brown / blue / green / grey / black / hazel


brown / black / red / blonde / grey / light-brown / hazel


slim (slender) / petite / average / full figured / curvy


Yes / No

She is

right-handed / left-handed


Yes / No


Socially / Sometimes / Never


Buddhist / Christian / Hindu / Jewish / Muslim / Spiritist / Other


High School Diploma / Student / B.A. / M.A.

Field of activity

Administrative / Aerospace / Agriculture / Architecture / Interior / Arts / Automotive / Construction / Computers/Internet / Education / Electronics / Other

Marital status

Betrothed / Single / Divorced / Married / Widowed / Separated

Want to have children?

No / Yes / Have not decided yet / Maybe / Will decide with my husband

About my family

The roots of my family are placed on the territory of Russia but already two generations of it belong to Ukraine. My family is small and knit-tight, I have a mother, father and a sister 3 years younger than me. I also have a dog who is one of the main family members and sometimes makes all the important decisions, especially when it comes to walking him in the morning and in the evening. We are very supportive and always protect each other in any difficult situation.

My future goals are

I am one of those Russian girls for marriage and so this is my goal number one. I won't deny I also dream to have a good carrier and my own income, to start my own business so that my job brought me personal satisfaction and helped in self-improvement every day. But first things first. I try to range all my life goals in the order of arrival and now the time of looking for long and stable relationships came. I will do everything to be happy and make my close people happy too.

What I do in my leisure time?

What is leisure time? I do not have time for being lazy. I can be relaxed and do something for my small pleasures in my pastime but like many other simple women from Ukraine or Russia I am not used to sit at home doing nothing for too long. I need to be active, to go for walks, to meet with my friends or relatives, to play with my pets, to see new places and meet new people. But you need to agree that all those activities are even more pleasant if I do it in a good company. I prefer this company to be male and be MY man. I hope we both will enjoy those simple things that will be a significant part of our life together.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

This lady is an outstanding Russian girl. Marriage is definitely her cherished dream and she confesses that she wants to welcome a beloved and most trusted man into her life. She is always smiling and has a good sense of humor, making everyone around her adore her from the very first sight.