Best Ideas for Women’s Day during COVID 19 in 2021

01 Mar 2021

Our new life and new circumstances made big changes so we have a new reality. We used to travel a lot, we used to spend much time in the bars, cafes, pubs, restaurants, and cinemas. Right now we are stuck in our houses, cities, towns, or countries. A lot of people wish to spend time with their families, friends and beloved ones more. The most difficult time is the holiday season when we wish to do something special but we can’t do what we used to. Anyway, there are a lot of options, don’t be sad. Here they are so you still have time to get ready.

Ideas for Women’s Day


Try an online fitness class together

Online gives us a lot of options. You will do what you have never done before. If your lady is crazy about sports and she likes doing sports you are welcome to organize an online fitness class. That would be a perfect way to have fun and to keep fit at the same time. Of course, you will be able to choose a coach or a course to your liking, who said that it should be only one training. It may be a course when you practice twice or three times a week. What does your woman prefer? Yoga, fitness, or stretching, there is a big variety of online training for any need and taste. The training will bring a lot of energy, power, and positive emotions. Give her that present and spend the best day together ever.

Have a romantic photoshoot

What a great idea for the holiday! You will be able to spend the day together and to make great pictures. The only thing you need is to contact a photographer and to book the date and time in advance. You may organize a photoshoot in the studio or open air, in the park, in the café, or the forest. Think about the very special place for your couple and choose it for the romantic photoshoot. For sure, it is a good present, just tell your woman about it beforehand, she will need time to get ready. As usual, ladies prefer professional make-up, they choose clothes carefully and think about every detail in their look. However, that would be the best present ever, women are romantic and they like when their man does such things.

Recreate your first day

Every couple has that special moment when they met for the first time, when they looked in each other's eyes, when they held hands or kissed for the first time. That moment lives in your hearts and will be with you forever. Would you like to refresh your memories and live the moments together once again? Organize the day in the place where you met. That may be a café, a gym, or a museum. If you got acquainted in the hotel or somewhere outside the city, go there together on that day. Be sure your woman will appreciate that and that day would be perfect for your future relationships. Relationships are a thing that we work on during our lives and to build strong relationships and connections we need to organize these special moments. Think where you and your woman were happy and bring your couple there.

Throw a virtual party with friends

On the one hand, we are at home and we wish to change that but at the same time, COVID 19 gave us the understanding that we can spend great time online meeting with friends, talking, playing games, and drinking wine. You will be able to organize a zoom meeting or it’s better to say a Zoom party, think about food and drinks, and order before so you will be sure that you are completely ready. That may be even a double date or just a party with old friends. Don’t have anybody who would like to hang out online with you and your woman, just find the same events online, join other people, and have fun. It’s up to you to decide how you would spend that day but for sure it would be a special one.

Make spa services for each other

SPA centers are closed now but that’s not a big problem. If you wish to give pleasure to your partner, you may organize a SPA salon at home. Buy candles, nice Champaign, fruit, sweets, and, of course, flowers. Make a romantic atmosphere and check YouTube for some basic massage courses. Believe me, that would be a good start. You will need a special oil for massage, think about this where to buy and do this beforehand. Women like this festival, they are looking forward to it and every lady believes that her man will organize something special, something that would impress her and would make that day bright and full of emotion. Make this day special for your couple, spend it the way you like and prefer. Impress your woman and give her positive emotions and a lot of tenderness, happiness, and love.