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Average russian woman metrics

To know for sure about the right time for a woman to marry you should analyze several gaps to build an image of how she does look like and what she is. Mothers and grannies give a certain sign to a young lady with a sigh: “it’s time”. And she accepts this pressure as she has to be about to marry until it’s not too late. Today we would like to talk about this point in post reasonable way. So how do women know when they are ready and what is the reason of their decision?

Indeed average Russian or Ukrainian woman must be good educated and have a job due to her diploma, this is what standard society instruction leads. However right after that a lady should think about the marriage, but why? Just because to feel comfortable together with other man, to enjoy life and to develop their relationship? Average woman in Ukraine should focus on her biological age, not to pass the childbirth time.

Looking for Ukrainian wife. Ukrain Dating Agency

Third World countries explain their average age gap for marriage of early 20-s by economic level: hardworking parents forget to give specific education to their teens, as the result - young 18 years old girl is pregnant by her classmate. They have two ways of decision: one is - boy escapes his responsibility, another one - the couple gets married. Apparently such marriages turn to divorce soon. So we have very young group of 18-20-s girls to be married.

XXI century gave a big push to the technology development in Ukraine and Russia, as a result - employment has been increased almost in twice, so that young women intended to get involved into career first. Till the age of 35. When she wakes up - she is in a hurry to get married and to have children. A woman feels enormous fear to stay alone. Ukrainian or Russian men are pampered by women’s attention just because of their number rises each year in three times. Mentally a woman after 40s widowed or divorced with grown up children does not think about further marriage, or at least 15% in Ukraine today. The alternative of a misfortune shows red.

So as you see an average age gap of Ukrainian and Russian woman is not too wide: from 20s to early 30s (maybe till the end of 30s due to fresh statistics).

Now please look on the picture below carefully. This is the upgraded statistics, the left side digits show the number of marriages from 1990 till 2011 in Russia and Ukraine.

Looking for Ukrainian wife. Ukrain Dating Agency

So as you see the tendency of increasing the number of marriages today gives a mild view. That explains a good wish of a woman to have a family. Is there any special type of a woman wanted seriously for stable relationship? Let’s see.

Ukrainian type of an average bride is weight - 132 lbs, height - 5' 6'', with womanly body, soft dark skin and light brown or brown hair. Such weight and height of a woman gives the perfect ability to give a birth to a healthy child, that is why this is the best choice of men all nations. Yes, in Ukraine - the autumn and summer type of a woman. Timid but cautious, average woman to marry is generous and sociable, sincere and decent with open shiny round face, firm chin and green or brown eyes.

Looking for Ukrainian wife. Ukrain Dating Agency

Foreign men give a frequent question: do Ukrainian women have different attitude to sexual culture?

Sometimes they are meant so shy that it is almost impossible to denote if a woman is interested or not. Sex is a value of a marriage and the harmony of sexual life gives high chances to save relationship, and Ukrainian women know that for sure. But still they do not dissipate their energy thoughtlessly everywhere but save it to the right man. If you still do not believe, we have one fact that will make you to change your mind: the breast size of an average Ukrainian woman is 3 or 4. She can use her body with all her dignity!

Looking for Ukrainian wife. Ukrain Dating Agency

But against a good healthy body the statistics of abortion data showed a good low in 2014 but increased in 2016. Specialists make some connections with economic and political situation of the country: bad food and stress give such result. The results of our research will help you to understand the preferences of girls and choose a romantic food for a first date.

And as a conclusion we have: when she is a girl of early 20-s she has to be single, she has to find a good job, future husband in almost 30, and at least two children within 5 years. Too short period of time, isn’t it?

However such loss does not cause further intentions of an average woman to survive, to smile, to give her happiness, to share her heart and to find the bearer of the family name and to save all advantages Ukrainian nation has.

Read more interesting facts about differences between Russian and Ukrainian women on our blog

Lidiya  36 years - great weather. My small primary photo. Lidiya 36 y.o. Ukraine, Nikolaev
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Alina from Sumy 29 years - bride for you. My small primary photo. Alina 29 y.o. Ukraine, Sumy
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Veronika from Sumy 25 years - creative image. My small primary photo. Veronika 25 y.o. Ukraine, Sumy
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Irisha from Cherkasy 29 years - desirable woman. My small primary photo. Irisha 29 y.o. Ukraine, Cherkasy
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Natalie from Zaporozhye 33 years - smiling for you. My small primary photo. Natalie 33 y.o. Ukraine, Zaporozhye
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