5 Tips for Successful Online Dating

05 Feb 2016

Are you jealous when see happy faces of couples who found each other and show their happiness all over the world? You might have thought about that good and warm feeling someone hold you closer and whisper something to your ear. Or you just hate all that staff! Because how can it be true when you try to find someone just sitting over there in your chair wearing old jeans! Online? Ok. Dating? Ok.

Let’s see some advises for you, if you are lazy enough and going outside is the worst variant, but you are relucting thing and prefer rather checking hundreds of profiles and thinking about amazing wedding with this blond one, or no. With that brunette? Online dating. Well this red head is more attractive, let me see what can we get with our conversation. I am gonna send a letter to her. Right now.

All those pictures on dating websites can be a real irritator. But you confess that you would like to have a try, may be to get some dating tips first. Who knows, may be you will manage to find your love with some our advices.

1. Think about good profile.

Firstly you need to create your dating profile that have to be a good one to attract someone’s attention.

This is 60% of your success , with perfect-written information. The area, a unique one where you post some biographical data of yours, therefore find some good details (please be serious with that as normally people do not look through profiles with no photos it them), and do not forget about the details – we mean tastes or preferences. In the end you should indicate some words about your expectations in the persona you would like to be your mate.

Outside, somewhere you have only one chance to impress someone greatly, you don’t have the second chance. But online profile gives you a possibility to get many of them.

So let us tell you shortly about how to do that properly.

2. Upload a picture.

Here please be really serious with choosing the right one. And don’t believe to your granny who supports you with the words: “appearance is not important, people need your inner world”. Nope. People look at you, analyze you, scan your face and body, admire. Eyes need to have a beauty as well as ears. So have a great picture and do not forget to update it periodically. Be honest and try to imagine what you would like in someone’s picture.

Never use pictures with group of people, delete that one with sunglasses on – half of a face is covered, cat or a dog – this is good variant, you like animals, however your primary picture position should be for you only.

Refresh them as often as you can. That will keep others knowing about your interesting life, attracting and provoke for a dialogue.

Avoid pictures with too many people, women for example, - that makes non-good impression as those unknown person and cause lots of questions. For what? You have many good topic to speak to.

3. Put a good username.

We would like to pay your attention to your username. A simple one name, not the nickname, will be better decision. When this world is something extraordinary - that goes over someone’s head.

Another issue should be mentioned: for example you choose one name and it is taken already. In this case do not continue with trying, by adding some attributes like digits, underlines, etc. You cannot understand how it is difficult to uncover what is that.

Do not provoke with anything, intimate expressions will not add you a chance to find a good persona, may someone for a day or just to trick you or to poke.

4. Your status line should be unique.

You have main aim and this line must have a content that answers the question: Why I am here?

But your answer has to be funny, intelligent, smart and promote your profile in such a way that everyone wants to click and check the whole information.

Stay away from being extraordinary with telling about yourself, avoid references and specifications as it can complicate to know you better.

5. Don’t forget about the description.

Here you need to have 3 paragraphs, Whitney Casey, relationship insider for Match.com advises. They should be separate and differ to each other by content and idea.

The first one can tell us about who you are, about your profession and etc.

The second – stands you out with specific features or some interesting facts.

The thirds one includes all your interests, like movies, books, musical instruments or may be places you traveled to.

The main rule – to be as brief as it’s possible! This is not a novel to read on long evening about. Its too boring to read pages of text.

Also you need to be unique with the specifity. Be impressive with any toy collection or unusual country you visited recently. Your goal is to catch someone’s eye and you should use each probable chance but with humor.

The last one and the most important: spell check!

Ladies are those who hate unintelligent men.