Psychological types of women

04 Mar 2024

Psychological types of women. What women men do not like

Our today’s talk we’ll devote the problem, stirring every girl that wants to avoid mistakes in relationships with men. We’ll just describe types of women and give some tips. It’s your decision – to apply it or not. 


Bitches usually jump from one bed to another and want to conquer all men. They don’t see if a man is married or not; they don’t care where, when and how much. They don’t care what people think about them, the main thing for them is not to miss the opportunity to get laid, to get their portion of love and sex, and the rest – though a flood. They are very sexy and attractive, but illegible in dating and relationships. Men fall for their charms, give every gift but never married with them, although talk to their friends all his adventure details. Such women don’t need love – they want only sex.

Our tip: if you want a long relationship and don’t want to remain single for life (but there’s only sex in your head – you’d hit the brakes.


Such a woman chooses a good, gentle, caring man, having a thick wallet. He’s all at her feet: cherishes, pampers, protects and then often escapes. These women love the evening with candles, permanent flowers in the vase, explanations in love and tenderness. They are not even very interested in bed with their beloved. The main thing for them is courtship. She requires constant care, constant voltage, although life isn’t only the joy of communication; it can be filled with surprises.

She is romantic, dreamy, but constant courtships can bother a man. Such a woman will love a man with one condition: if he will always be sweet, always to ensure her well and maintain a high standard of living. If something is wrong such a woman turning into an evil, scheming, always wronged and unhappy lady – she is a totally helpless creature now.

Our tip: don’t evaluate men on such standards – a fat wallet can lose its weight. Besides, men’s romance can fly like a bird in the autumn.

“The navel of the earth”

These natures are selfish, only to themselves and for themselves. They wouldn’t tolerate any objections. And try only to open your mouth – she’ll immediately close it. Men, staying with these women, hate them and themselves, lose their “I” and become completely unable to do anything. Such women believe that all the earth revolves around them. It’s hard to live with them – she doesn’t consider the opinions of others. A man, falling in love with such a woman, usually understands where he got, but it has been too late. A strong man escapes, and a weak one is languishing with the woman for life, cursing him and her.

Our tip: give freedom to your man. Give him to say a word. Don’t make him a rag. Look at him – he’s so unhappy with you. Show your “I” at work, in the store, with friends, and with your faithful be softer. Do not press on him. Have pity on your man!

“Gray mouse”

This woman is quiet, discreet and ready to adore her husband in everything. She is pre-agreeing with everything, her opinions are “Yes”. She endures everything and will always be loyal to his master. She’s grateful to her husband that he’d chosen her or took her as a wife. Fearing to lose her idol she becomes nothing even more. She’ll always be satisfied by a thrown bone and will drive herself into bondage more. But husbands do not appreciate such devotion, because she’s their property and a slave. She put her dignity on the love altar and became a victim of this love.

Our tip: don’t be “a rag”. Otherwise, you’ll get nothing, but pity.


She rushes into a battle, fighting with all, does every effort to get a career and family will always remain in the background for her. She’s called at any time of the day and asked for advice or wait for her orders. And she, such a busy, still continuing. She needs most of all and does it not for money, but for prestige and for her own “I”. She just wants to lead and be always on top. She wants been said about, that others feared and depended on her. Husband is nervous, but keeps quiet – why get involved? With this wife you won’t argue – you will stand like a schoolboy in front of a teacher. In bed this woman can get you by talks on the work. Few people enjoy it. A man wants to show his authority, he often remains in the family, but his soul is drawn to some simple woman, who’s willing to listen and heat him. Our tip: do not put career above family – let your husband think about it!


She is attractive, beautifully dressed, coquetting and just charms a man to herself. Her goal is one – sooner have got married. When the goal is achieved – she can relax. A man is looking on her and hardly recognizes the former charming beauty, which wasn’t ashamed for showing to friends. Now she’s sloppy dressed, unkempt, in an indeterminate color sebaceous bathrobe – no sexuality or attraction a man won’t see any more. Such a woman stops monitor her appearance, considering that her task is already executed. Of course, a man goes to another, which will lead him away. And then “a huntress” bites her elbows, but it will be too late – she’s missed the opportunity to have her own happiness.

Our tip: a woman should always remain a woman. You stop to monitor yourself? It means you get aged. Do not become an ugly woman prematurely – keep yourself in your hands.

“Ice” or “cold, like the snow Queen”

Usually, these women are beautiful, able to deceive and extort everything that will fit. She’ll use sex for selfish purposes, easily manipulating by men in her interests. These women are cruel and calculating. Their coldness or frigidity they cover under the mask of pretense, showing in bed a wild delight. But it’s only a mask: she cannot love, not able to get pleasure from love – she needs other. Such women love only themselves.

Our tip: If you are a woman, like this one – remember that these women are needed only as mistresses. We think you want not be always only a mistress…


She’s a good housewife, good mother for children and an exemplary wife. She manages to feed, wash and to do lessons with children. But for some reason their husbands find affection on the side. No, men don’t go out at all, because in this house dry and warm, food is on the table and the kids grow up healthy. Such wife will always perform his conjugal duty in bed, but she’ll do it as a duty, as a necessity that cannot be avoided because the genus wouldn’t go on. She’ll forgive and endure any insult; she’ll endure her husband, even if he’s not nice – if only the family would be in norm and the children fed. But a man pulling to the side, he wants real sex and love; wants not just laying, performing duties. Therefore, there’s always sweet and gentle mistress on the side, complementing all that’s lacking at home.

Our tip: leave everyday problems, live for yourself, for love. Do not think that your husband had known all love joys and would stop on this. Love and live sincerely.

We think every woman will make conclusions from this article. Each will understand what you wouldn’t be, if you dream of happiness. We all can correct our behavior, because each of us has any disadvantages, only we rarely admit it.