Top 5 summer date ideas with Ukrainian woman

29 Jul 2019

Have you heard the proverb: “A life without love is like a year without summer”? So now it is summer and you are in love, that’s the perfect combination. Spend time together as much as possible and you will know your lady better.

Summer is a perfect time for dating, for spending time together outdoors, for travelling and for doing a lot of different things that we can’t do in winter. Summer time gives us a lot of opportunities and we are free to do a lot of different things. Although, it’s fun to do something together and here are the date ideas for the summer. Choose the one you like most of all and we guarantee, you’ll have great time together, knowing each other better, learning new things and exploring new places.

Trip to the village or to the farmers market

Why not to be closer to the nature and to spend great time together out of the city or the town? Have you ever been to the Ukrainian village? If no, it is high time to try something new. You will be able to walk, to gather berries and mushrooms, to swim in the river or even to fish in the lake together. It will be a great opportunity to know each other better and to relax after a busy week in a big city. We are always in a hurry and we don’t see the beauty around us and we don’t notice nature and its picturesque landscapes.

But to tell the truth we can’t see them in the downtown. You are tired, your mind and body needs relaxation, leave everything and spend the weekend in the village. However, you will be able to visit the farmer market and to buy fresh vegetables, fruit or meat. Invite your woman to spend time together enjoying the peaceful landscapes and great views.

Visiting a museum or gallery.

Do you know your lady’s hobbies and interests? Ask her about going to the museum or to the gallery. Sometimes people live in the city and don’t know about some museums and never visit them. You and your lady are interested in history, it would be perfect to visit the Historical museum. Or maybe you both like fine art.

As usual there are some new exhibitors, just check the timetable and invite your Ukrainian woman to the Picture Gallery. Go there together, let Art and pictures talk to her heart. From the one hand you will be able to enjoy the exhibition and from the other you will stay cool inside the air-conditioned building. That sounds great, doesn’t it?

Picnic on the beach.

You don’t have any plans for the next weekend, the perfect summer date idea is to have a picnic together on the beach. Don’t be shy to suggest your Ukrainian woman to spend the whole day on the beach. Ukrainian women like organizing a romantic dinner on the beach. You will be able to eat together, to watch on the sky and stars, to walk along the river or the sea. These are the summer date night ideas for you.

Be sure that ladies like romantic dinners, they like such surprises, why not to impress her and to organize something special. Buy some food, a bottle of wine or champagne, take a blanket, don’t forget two glasses and a corkscrew. We do hope you will have nice time with your beloved woman and you will be able to impress her by the romantic time on the beach.

Barbecue outdoors.

Summer is time for picnics and barbecue. It’s a crime to stay indoors and to stay at home, watching TV and eating your dinner in the kitchen. Stop, you will have enough time for this in winter. Right now it is time to cook BBQ and to get pleasure eating delicious food with your woman. By the way you’ll know some local recipes.

At the same time you will spend the whole day together, at first you will go together to the market or to the supermarket and buy all the ingredients. Then you will come home and cook, cooking together is a big thing, you will talk, smile, kiss and as the result you’ll get the tasty dish, positive emotions and bright memories. Hurry up, you have to do this until the end of the summer.

Ride a bike together.

Riding a bike together is among fun summer date ideas and it will be very good both for your body and for your soul. Ask your lady if she likes riding a bike or it’s better to find out if she can do this. Have you got the positive answer from her? So it’s time to think about renting a bike, it’s great if you have yours, but if you don’t, there are a lot of companies that suggest renting. Think carefully about the route or ask your Ukrainian woman, maybe there are some bike routes around the city or the town, read the reviews on the Internet and choose the perfect one for both of you. Anyway, you may take the bike and to ride in the local park and for sure you will get positive emotions and pleasure from spending time together.

Right now you know creative and fun summer date ideas, arm yourself with confident and choose the best one for you and your beloved Ukrainian woman. The time you spend together will be unforgettable and unbelievable. You will know each other in different situations, you will be able to open each other your hearts and souls, as well as dreams and hopes. Maybe this summer will change your life and you will find your soulmate. And you will never know this until you try, so right now it is a high time to do because summer is the time for dreams come true.