Giving flowers to Ukrainian girls

22 Mar 2023

There are many historians' theories when and why men started to give flowers to their ladies. The culture of flower-gifting was familiar to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. However, this did not involve dating or love. Flower offerings were addressed to goddesses of love and maternity (Demeter, Venus, Isis). Something alike had the ancient Slavs (the ancestors of Ukrainians). The name "Lada" (the Slavic love goddess) even now sounds there as a synonym for the "beloved".

Christians always sang the innocence and purity of the Virgin Mary and white lilies. roses and jasmine they devoted to her. Yes, we are the people of 21st century, but hoping to meet in them love, faithfulness and spiritual beauty, men give flowers to their earthly goddesses. The silent flower language of love born in the East, this cradle of poetry. Subsequently, picked up by medieval troubadours, it is safely migrated to the restrained Victorian era. And although little is left of it today, but it is still known that rose speaks of love, a daisy and lily of the valley– about the purity of feelings, violets – about fidelity, lilies and pansies are stand for tenderness, red carnations mean passion.

There are countless occasions to give flowers to a lady, be it a birthday or a first date, an anniversary of acquaintance or an engagement, an apology or simply a gesture of love and admiration.

Favorite flowers on the first date.

Is it necessary to give ladies flowers on the first date? What should they be? In every national culture there are special answers. But one must note that the first date is only a dawn of feelings and at starting stage of the relationship the bouquet should be sellected in soft pastel colors.

If roses – then pink, golden-peach or white. It can be seasonal flowers such as crocuses, lilies of the valley in the spring, or chrysanthemums and asters in the fall.

If you are unsure that you know the tastes of your beautiful, then choosing a posy, focus on your date's age category. So do not give carnations or gladioli to young ladies, leave them for adult women.

For girls fit half-blown roses, tulips, any spring flowers. Women are given large open buds, whether roses, chrysanthemums or carnations. If your chosen one is Ukrainian girl, then you should also take into account the number of flowers, it should not be even. According to an old local tradition, gerade number of flowers was only for interment, and even modern person may interpret it as a black sign. If you consider these tips, then, in combination with your love and chivalry, correctly sellected flowers will make all your dates unforgettable.

Flowers for a wedding or a celebration.

Marriage is a meaningful moment for everyone, but for ladies especially. Your princess must be irresistible and dazzling. Wedding flowers are usually of tender light colors, mainly lilies, roses, peonies, irises, carnations, but sometimes exotic orchids. There may be spring blooms or simple wildflowers. The main thing is that the bouquet should be noticeable and harmonize in color and shape with the dress and bride's hairdo.

Ukrainian girls like all women of the world, regardless of age and upbringing, love to get flowers, whether they are lush roses, proud chrysanthemums, tender lilies, as birthday gifts,on holidays and anniversaries and just because they are beautiful and loved .

Dating experts from UaDreams, having conducted an analysis of the ladies' profiles on the site, revealed that almost all the women like flowers and more than 65% grow different blooms at home. And more than 95% of Ukrainian girls are happy and inspired receiving flowers as a gift. They feel more confident in their appeal.

UaDreams staff advice to their members quoting the Arabic proverb: it is better to give your beauty one flower a day than all the blooms of the world in one bunch. You've not met your love yet? Then place your profile on our resource and all flowers will become brighter.