How to improve relationships during the COVID-19

25 Apr 2023

Above all, you have plenty of spare time, you don’t have to wake up early and to spend time to get to your work. If you work remotely, during quarantine you save a lot of time in the morning and in the evening because you don’t have to spend hours in the traffic jams, devote this time to your beloved one. We have ideas for you on how to improve relationships during the COVID-19.

More focus on physical intimacy

Touching and hugs what can be nicer. Now you have plenty of time for this. There is no time like the present to spend time together and to devote time to your partner. Choose a new movie or the old one that you both like, take a bottle of vine and watch the movie together. You grab your lady, she puts her head on your chest. Do you imagine this picture? It’s so romantic, isn’t it? Don’t hesitate to touch and kiss, being self-isolate can be real fun! You may spend even the whole day in the pajamas and stay in bed having not only breakfast in bed but lunch and dinner as well. That seems to be an advantage of the quarantine period and a great opportunity to enjoy time with your partner.

In communication, focus on positive issues

Communication is so important and with your beloved woman you always have something to discuss, don’t you? The best piece of advice is to talk about positive because right now you spend the whole day together and that happens day after day and nobody knows when it finishes. Find things that unite you, forget about conflicts and build relationships. Being at home 24/7 is a challenge and the big prize is long-lasting relationships. Talk about art, music, favorite movies, remember trips, plan future holidays together or just look through old photos.

Try new collaborative hobbies in isolation

You have so much time and you are free to try something new. You always wanted to start learning a new language or maybe you dreamt about playing the guitar? It’s high time to start doing something new and something that you have never had time for. Remember there are a lot of online courses, lessons, and communities where you will be able to get new knowledge and to learn something new. Why not try cooking together with your spouse, be sure there will be a lot of fun. At the same time, you’ll get new skills, you will have fun spending time together and you’ll have a tasty dinner.

Reduce stress and anxiety

You should better avoid watching TV and reading newspapers. If you feel uncomfortable watching all those news on TV, it's better to watch a nice movie. Think positive and keep a positive attitude to things and situations. This too shall pass and remember that one day your life will be as it used to be. Right now you need to work on your relationships, be patient and calm. During quarantine 2020, you can’t do what you want and visit the places you’d like, you have to stay home. Find things that you both like, do what you both enjoy. Avoid a bad mood or a conflict with your partner. Stay home and be positive is the main message for the successful quarantine during COVID-19.

Mandatory online meetings and communication if you do not live together

Our world is changing and we are changing as well. Thanks to modern technologies we have opportunities to communicate with other people who are overseas. Something that seemed unbelievable 20 years ago is a reality right now, there are a lot of applications and services that will help you to communicate online with video. Due to quarantine a lot of people can’t meet, they are separate from their relatives, friends and even neighbors. Some people are stuck in different countries because of closed borders. What can you do to stay close? First of all, think about online meetings and online chats. That’s great because you’ll be able to see each other, to have dinner together. Go on an online date and enjoy spending time together with your second half. It’s also possible to organize a big family dinner with all the members of your family using special apps, get the benefits from the situation.


Take time for yourself individually

To feel comfortable a person needs some time to spend on his own. Find time for yourself just to relax and to do what you want. Spend time thinking about plans for the future, read an interesting book, draw, play a musical instrument or just sIeep. The main idea is to do what you want and what you like without anybody, just you, your thoughts and your wishes.

Take care of your partner and strengthen relationships during quarantine COVID-19. Yes, that’s possible and you will be the happiest man in the world when everything finishes. Believe, that finishes one day and the relationships that you have will be stronger because you have already passed one more difficulty together.