Beautiful women from Ukraine also carry intellect, wisdom and devotion through the centuries

28 Aug 2023

Women in Ukraine are the object of pride for the whole country. They are considered to be the most  beautiful women in Europe, but not the beauty only makes Ukrainian women so attractive for hundreds of foreigners who consider marriage with Ukrainian woman to be one of the wisest decisions they have ever made. Intelligence, wisdom and devotedness of Ukrainian women make them desirable even for men all over the world.

In early times even French kings could not pass by the charm and charisma of Slavic woman. This old story of love, pride and devotedness is familiar to any Ukrainian girl and for many wise men of science. In the eleventh century the ambassadors from France came to Kyiv to ask Yaroslav, the sovereign of Kyivska Rus, to let one of his daughters marry their king Henry. Most of all they wished beautiful Anna to become their queen. Her Slavic beauty, golden hair, but even more her intelligence and education impressed not only her husband, the king of France, but all the European grand people and clergy of those times. Even the Pope highly appreciated her wisdom and strength in helping her husband to govern the country and deal with the neighbours. Anna brought up her children, among them Philipp, the future king of the country, to be as great-hearted, intelligent and educated as she was herself. Noble and common people of France loved Anna and respected deeply, so after her husband’s death the queen governed the country instead of her son till his full age, and even after that Philipp never rejected wise advice of his mother.

The faithfulness, devotedness and ability to forgive of the French queen are national features of women of Ukraine, and that is why their love is so priceless for those men who have Ukrainian women for marriage.

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Let’s think why beautiful Ukrainian women are so highly appreciated as wives and foreign men acknowledge it without hesitations. The attractive appearance is only the primary level of incredible personality of Ukrainian lady. There are millions of  sexyand enchanting women all over the world. A well-known beauty contest Miss Universe proves it. However, only Ukrainian women are also known as wonderful wives.

It is possible to say that being a good wife, mother, keeper of household is genetically inherited from our ancestors. The Ukrainian woman as a wife contains such qualities as wisdom, intelligence, loyalty, faithfulness, kindness, ability to take care of husband, children, and house. She is able to create a cozy home where the man wants to come back and stay there. If a man has a place and a person that give him the rest of body, mind and soul, it is possible to say he found his happiness. Ukrainian wife is able to give all this and even more…

A woman from Ukraine can become a stable anchor for a man. When a man is sure that his home and his family are under attentive and caring eye of his wife, he can concentrate on his goal to achieve certain success to make his life and life of his dear people more pleasant and joyful. Ukrainian wife with her wise attitude, caring touch, strong love and hot passion can inspire man to move mountains.

Women in Ukraine are usually very versatile personalities. They have strong family values, there are no doubts they are family-oriented. Although, they dedicate enough time and efforts to get education, to develop themselves as personalities. Next to such woman a man won’t feel bored. Dating Ukrainian women may become interesting, exciting, challenging from the very beginning. However, the result will be worth of all efforts made.


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