Best examples of online dating first messages in 2023

14 Jul 2021

Online dating connects people all over the world and allows communicating 24/7. No problems finding a woman, chatting, or going on online dates. That’s so easy, the only thing you need is your smartphone or a laptop. A lot of men and women prefer online dating because their lives are so busy and they don’t have free time or energy for meeting in the cafes or bars after a crazy day at work. Those meetings take your time because to know each other better one meeting is not enough.

However, there is a solution, online dating and getting more information from the letters and in chats. When you write the letter you tell a woman about yourself, your life, likes and dislikes. At the same time, a woman shares information about her life and interests. That’s perfect because you can write a letter and read the answer when you have free time or inspiration. However, when you realize that you don’t like the lady or you are too different to be together, you may stop communicating at any time. Decided to try and don’t know what to write and how to catch her attention? Here are online dating tips first message.

Ask a question with or

Alternatives are a great thing because your question sounds mild and there is a choice. You may ask a woman about things that are important for you and the question will sound polite. Online dating message tips for guys say that you should make communication light, easy, and full of positive emotions. Let the woman write about the things that are important for her and listen to her answers attentively and you will know what she thinks about questions that are principal for you.

Take an interest in the latest event in her life You write a letter on Monday so ask her about the last weekend and you will find out how she spends her free time. Ask her about her last holiday and you will know the way she relaxes. Ask about the movie she watched in the cinema and she will tell you if she goes to the movie houses and what kinds of films she prefers. Talk about your favorite music and check if you have the same tastes. It’s great when you can talk about different things when you share information about yourself and show your interest in asking about the woman. A lady will appreciate that you are interested and it will be easier for her to write you the answer because, to tell the truth, women have the same problems with writing letters as men.

Let her tell who she would like to dine with

If you wish to know about the food she prefers, discuss cuisine and different restaurants. Chinese, Japanese, Italian, or French restaurants, you will have an idea where to invite her if you decide to meet in real life. Ask her who she would prefer to have dinner with. The answer may surprise you. Some women choose their family members, friends, some ladies say that they are dreaming about dinner with a famous person. Anyway, you’ll have fun reading her answers.

Ask her for a list of her best things or interests

Knowing each other better is an interesting process, to understand if you like a person and will be able to date or even to live with is a principal thing to do. Why not ask her about this? You will be able to talk about your hobbies and free time activities and then to ask about hers. You will see her inner world and the way she spends time. Imagine that you are an active person who prefers hiking, rock climbing, or so and she likes spending time with a book on the beach or even at home? It’s better to know at the very beginning and to look for the lady who shares your hobbies and prefers the same things. Online dating gives this opportunity and makes things easier.

But first check out her bio

For sure you will write to many ladies, you will look for your special one and you will find her if you make every letter personal. It's not a secret that a lot of men and women send each other standard first letters. These letters are a bad start because the partner will see that you don’t know anything about her, that you didn’t read her profile, and you aren’t interested in knowing her better. Some women may even be offended and will not answer you when they feel that you write the same letter to many women. First of all, read her profile, get basic information about the woman and you will know if you have much in common, if you like her lifestyle and have the same interests and hobbies. Knowing this, you will understand what you should write in the first letter, her bio will be very helpful.

We wish you good luck, we are sure you will open an exciting world of online dating. It seems hard but when you start, you will realize that it’s a lot of fun and pleasure.