All the truth about online dating and dating sites.

26 Apr 2023

Over the past decade, the dating arena has changed dramatically. This does not mean that people no longer go out into a real society to find a couple, but, according to recent research, online dating sites are “guilty” in 3 of 5 weddings. Actually, living, for example in Australia, you can find your love in Germany or Ukraine. Many dating services, such as UaDreams, help to connect people from different countries and even continents.

UaDreams offer to get acquainted with the beautiful Ukrainian girls who are quite busy and advanced to seek a serious relationship on the Internet. Alas, online dating is also fraught with a lot of absurd myths. You've probably heard some of them. Our analysts believe that the time has come to shed light on the most common of them.


Myths about online dating.

online dating sites are “guilty” in 3 of 5 weddingsMany would already meet someone online and would be happy if they were not victims of mythical fears associated with dating sites. Here are the top 10 of them:

1. Internet sites are not safe platforms for serious relations. Yes, there is a share of risk and it is less than in real life, where you can't always be safeguard from unwanted contact, and high-quality dating sites take care of their members' safety.

2. If one is really nice and successful he will never date online. It is not true that dating sites are options for ugly and losers. Most of smart and attractive persons have shortage of time to socialize in the real world.

3. You’ll find your only immediately or never. The results can't be instant. So, be patient enough to date the right one in certain time.

4. It’s easy to misrepresent facts online. People lie on profiles, but not often in order not to be caught out and look foolishly offline.

5. All online daters are sex-desperate or inadequate. Is it so? There are all sorts of persons online nice and odd. And the same situation in real life. Online you can simply stop chatting.

6. Online dating is a waste of money heaps. The argument is that you try a lot of bad options before getting the result and pay more. But you attempts and mistakes are online and your opponents' are on real dates. And who is thrift?

7. A beautiful profile image on a dating site is the main thing in choosing a partner. But the person is more than his / her picture. A pretty face does not guarantee that everything else will suit you.

8. Online dating sites are for the youth only. It is not true! According to statistics, about 55% of dating sites members are over 45. This is the best place to win time, because online you will meet your soulmate faster.

9. It's awkward to admit that you and your spouse have met on a dating site. Old fashioned nonsense! We all now communicate on the Internet. And where do we get acquainted?

10. From letters and video chat you can always determine whether there is an emotional link. Not always the truth! After all, the best way to find out whether you are compatible with a person is a live meeting. Let these stereotypes not become a stumbling block in your decision to find love online.

Facts about online dating.

Analysts of UaDreams have studied the profiles of their members and the data of network statistics and sellected for you some true and curious facts about online dating.

Do you know that to date, there are more than 7,000 dating sites all over the world. It is interesting that more than half of men and a only third of women embellish their online profiles.

Studies show that men are 15% more likely to fall in love at online dating than women.

Of the 700 Ukrainian women interviewed on our website, 77% refer to UaDreams as their first attempt at membership on a dating site.

87% of them hope to create a family. What is more important for starting a relationship?

56% of respondents said that the most important thing is common views on life.

And 41% preferred a pleasant appearance.

More than 36% of those who met through UaDreams their Ukrainian lady over the past three years have created happy families or engaged.

Obviously, despite the prevailing stereotypes, most adult people use dating sites to find love and overcome loneliness. If you are a fairly modern but busy person, do not waste precious time and do not succumb to fears! UaDreams staff invite you to decide and take the first steps towards your dream and post your profile on our website.