Main things you need to know about visiting Ukraine in 2020

24 Aug 2023

For those who are still thinking if Ukraine is worth visiting, we surveyed men who are members of our agency and who have already visited Ukraine. We are happy to share their thoughts and reviews with you. It will be very helpful if you are planning your trip to Ukraine or thinking about dating Ukrainian lady.

Intersting things about visiting Ukraine

Ukraine is bigger than I expected.

Visiting Ukraine for the first time may be surprising for you. A lot of people mention that they didn't expect that Ukraine is so big. A lot of our members say that they knew a lot about big cities but they didn't know much about other parts of the country. They started to find out more when they joined our agency and got acquainted with the ladies from different cities and towns. As usual, men are impressed and surprised that Ukraine is so big and every part differs from another. Language, customs, traditions and a lot of other things that make the country unique and famous for its beauty. Our company has branches all around Ukraine and is ready to provide the first-class services. Jonathan from Taiwan has spent in Dnipro 2 weeks. He says: "This is the 3rd meeting with my lady. Both of us are so happy with the service of Dnipro branch. Both of us would like to continue our relationship and stay with the web site and Dnipro branch. We may still need their help wherever it is needed". We also recommend to try our  live video chat with Ukrainian women

Visa Requirements for Ukraine.

Men who have chosen the trip to Ukraine with UaDreams say that it's not a problem at all to visit the country. If you still ask yourself "Do I need a visa to visit Ukraine?", this information will be helpful. For the USA, the EU and Canadian citizenships visas are not required for a stay up to 90 days within a 180 day period. Although, people with Australian or New Zealand passports have to get a visa. The additional information you may get on our website.

Amazing Ukrainian sights.

Among cities to visit in Ukraine, you'll find Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro, and many others. There are a lot of places of interest to see and to feel. Anybody finds something interesting and impressive. Some men said they liked nature because they were in the Carpathians or The Black Sea. Men who like history were impressed by Kyiv and Lviv. Al from the USA was impressed by Odesa, he wrote: "Odesa is beautiful especially is on the ocean. It's very similar to the place I live. I live in Cape-cod, Massachusetts with the ocean and everything that is on the Black Sea is very similar like I said to where I live. I would enjoy living here and living there".

Friendly Ukrainian people.

Corry from Canada mentions: "Meeting the lady of your dreams is possible. I would like to say that I highly recommend this site and its services. On this my first trip to Ukraine, my first trip anywhere out of my country. It was absolutely amazing. I found the people here very friendly, the city was beautiful". That's the truth, people are friendly in Ukraine and they are ready to help you if you need it. Nowadays more and more people speak English, you'll find a person who speaks basic English easily and will give the direction in case you've lost your way, in most restaurants the waiter will give you the menu in English. You'll feel comfortable and will enjoy your trip.

It is absolutely safe here, but not everywhere.

Ukraine is mostly a safe country to visit. However, you need to follow simple rules. You shouldn't visit the ATO zone, it's dangerous there but all other country territory is safe. What do our members say? Stephen from The UK spent a great time in the capital city: "Lovely to arrive at Kyiv for my Christmas holiday". Kenneth from the USA advises everybody: "Don't be afraid to come to UA, it's a lot of fun". That's true, our clients leave a lot of positive reviews after the trip and sure other men try visiting Ukraine.

Full travel organization and support.

Reviews of people who have visited Ukraine describes our work better than we can do this. So Al from the USA wrote to us "Everything in this trip and every time that I have come to Ukraine has just been excellent to me. You know, men from USA really to go to UADREAMS and take a look for themselves". We shared with you people's reviews and emotions about visiting Ukraine. To summarize it's useful to mention that our trusted dating agency offers you a full package tour to Ukraine. You'll be safe and get help 24/7 during the trip to Ukraine. It's high time to order your personal trip to Ukraine to meet the lady you're dating online. Haven't you found your special one yet? Join our agency and get acquainted with Ukrainian women.