How to recover after rocky breakup

26 Apr 2023

Everyone who suffered drama knows that it is more than hard to start dating after many years of stable relationship. People are scary enough to receive the same pain, to get all things to repeat. They are full of frightened emotions and anxiety about this thing.

Uncertain emotions, doubt and fear leaves with the most negative experience. You may be fool to let it repeat. famous sexologists and relationship experts advice to take care about yourself, your ego, taking all advantages of life with the most meaningful interest and intentions you had no time before. Only when happy a person is able to share this happiness with someone so it means to be ready for further relationship.

Stop angering at the world around you.

  • Firstly, you have to stop being angry to the whole world. That means you stop producing negative emotions with the relative words and phrases: sad, betrayed, left and hurt. Find different synonyms to replace them for sure. That is the next step to move on.

Self-assess is very important: plan every weekend and every hour if possible for the best treatment, take up with friends or visit parents and relatives, in case you want to see nobody, take a vacation for a small trip to the town, take time for being with nature, tasty food, interesting hobbies will help you to take mind off things.

But how to avoid the same mistakes? Averagely according to statistics people use the same cliches for building up relationships that leads to the same results, finally breaking up.


Experts do not recommend to fight fire with fire, take your time but never be n a hurry until you understand that you are ready to relations workout.

Of course this term is quite individual however many psychologists say that it is better to be alone, to luxuriate in it, build your personality and be engaged with self-development.

One simple rule is the way to uncover the state of being ready for dating:

  • You should never start dating until you go back to your previous relations for analyzing and comparing.

It’s a hard work to let it go. People used to be given to the typical behavior however this is your role to prevent things happen in the same way.

The better source of a fresh energy is taking care of yourself, learn from the past, be thankful for every new experience – all of that makes you yourself.

Be different from others.

  • Here is the next step to dating release. Selling your personality. Making a brand. This is the way how to be unique and how to express yourself to be different and let people see this advantage. Be different from others.

Probably you won’t believe but these things will increase your confidence. If you cherish your strong features, develop them and fight with fears – you become better and in such a way you like yourself. When a person is shining inside it is highlighted everywhere, though all sides.

You are great and others see that as well. You are on the way to meet people, to be opened.

You start to receive new knowledge, answering many questions and taking communication as a practice. You are interested in giving and receiving a feedback.

Analyze your past and make conclusions.

  • Take care of cunning emotions. That means you do have memories and they will definitely appear from time to time. But you should not consider them as the way of returning back or hesitations about your further dating.

That means you work on the issue, you’ve rolled on the process of getting better. You analyze your past and make conclusions, you accept this.

No matter how hurts that means you are recovering, you are alive person so you have a right to feel those emotions, that’s normal. In such a way we learn more and more about relations, about each side’s truth and positions.

Be natural.

  • Take your way to move on. There are million of ways to date with each other, and it’s up to you which one to choose.

But remember: pick the one that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Being natural is the most powerful method to get a pleasure from dating, besides your interlocutor will know you better from the first sight and further features of your character will be appreciated but not rejected as well.

So you may choose dating online or speed-dating, probably individual matchmaking will suit you better, who knows, or may be old school meeting in bars or couch surfing whatever.

Your status for now is a loner.

  • Emphasize that your status is already single, let other people know that.

That will not demean you if other friends of yours are coupled and you are not. This is your privilege to make a choice and to put a direction for future. So if your friends want you to get acquainted with their cousin or an old friend, don’t be a moody, accept. They just want to comfort you and help you with all their sincerest intentions.

One more thing to say. Never give up if your attempt failed. Even one miserable misfortune may change your life for a happiness, be attentive, open your eyes wide, be opened to new meetings and conversations and life will grant you sincerest cherished smile. Good luck!