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If you want to make your life brighter, meet the ladies from a seaside town! A lady who comes from such a hot sunny town will be cheerful and lively. When you are ready to visit your lady, this cosy town will surely welcome you with all its warmth and famous Ukrainian heartiness. It will be so easy for you to find the right places for the most romantic dates ever. Catch the sunset together, take a walk hand in hand along the beach while chatting about anything and everything, or watch a beautiful sunrise over the sea.

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The town Chornomorsk

The town of Chornomorsk is located in the south of Ukraine, on the Black Sea coast, 20 kilometers from the major regional center – Odesa. Today Chornomorsk is a very popular Black Sea resort and is really worth visiting it. The area around the town has many healing properties. The mild natural climate favorably affects the health and well-being of tourists. In Chornomorsk you will find a lot of entertainment, clean beaches with all services and an incredible atmosphere

Popular health-resort

In the Chornomorsk the Black Sea will meet you. Velvet, well-equipped sandy beaches are stretched along the sea. Here you will find everything you need – changing rooms, showers with fresh water and more. On the coast there are recreation centers, hotels, motels and children’s camps.

The air in Chornomorsk is clean, mixed from the steppe and sea, and this attracts many tourists, both from Ukraine and from other countries. In addition, you will love to sunbathe under the rays of the generous southern sun! The beach season here begins in April and ends only in October. The average monthly air temperature in July, the hottest month of the year, ranges from 25 to 30 degrees. It is important to say that the summer heat here is slightly weakened due to the close location of the sea and estuaries.

A little bit of history

Chornomorsk is a relatively young town, but, despite this, it is very beautiful and extremely clean. In the period from 1928 to 1951, Chornomorsk was known as the Bug, in 1952 it was already called Illichivsk. Since 1973 – Ilyichevsk. And in 2018, the town gets its current name.

The land on which Chornomorsk is now located in the 18th century was settled by refugees from Ukraine, Russia, and Moldova. They settled on separate farms, which at that time called the Bugovs in honor of the first immigrant to these lands, the Bug. By 1924, the population of farms significantly increased, and after the Second World War, even the village of shipbuilder arised.

Chornomorsk has everything you need for a wonderful holiday: a lot of services provided and, what is very important, a wonderful atmosphere! On the beaches of the town you can ride on scooters, boats, “bananas” and so on. If you are a sports lover, then all the conditions for playing beach volleyball or football are created here.

Transport and activities

The town is designed compactly and conveniently. The streets are wide and well-groomed and buried in verdure. Convenient transportation links connect shopping centers, recreation and residential areas. According to the area of parks, squares and green areas per capita Chornomorsk is one of the first places among the cities of Southern Ukraine.

For those who prefer fun leisure activities, there are many restaurants, bars, cafes and night clubs in Chornomorsk. In addition, there are various excursions. Fans of a quiet and relaxing holiday can spend their time walking around the town, because there is something to see! Chornomorsk is famous for the beauty of the numerous fountains. The most famous of them are the Big Fountain and the Little Mermaid Fountain. Modern parks, alleys and incredibly beautiful flower beds decorate the town.



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Moderately continental and comparatively dry climate. There are more than 290 sunny days in the year. Winter is short and mild with an average temperature of around freezing point. Falling snow and temperatures below minus 10 Celsius are rare. Summer is long and hot with an average temperature of 25 Celsius. Temperatures above 35 Celsius are quite often.

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