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The Rivne region has given us the famous Peresopnytske Gospel of the 16th century, on which the Ukrainian presidential oath is now sworn, in Ostrog the first Eastern Slavik academy, the first Ukrainian primer and at 106 km long Europes longest active light-rail. Today in this region with an area of 20.1 square metres there are more than 1122 historical and architectural monuments, 227 nature-reserve fund objects and territories, 91 wildlife preserves and so much more!

Luxurious forests, crystal clear lakes, grand historic monuments all this flows into one smooth ensemble in the Rivne region.

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The city got its name because of geographical position on the plane surface. It is known since 1283 as a town of the Halych-Volyn Principality. It is also the administrative centre of Rivne region. This year we celebrated the 725 anniversary of our city. In spite of its age our city is rather modern and attractive one.

Rivne is situated in the Northern-Western part of Ukraine. Its location is very convenient for you to get to our city. It is not far from the capital of our country Kyiv and Lviv where the international airports are situated. Besides, youll be deeply impressed by the beauty of these ancient cities if you take a trip there.


You can learn the history of the city and region at the Rivne Regional Museum of Local Art, Architecture and Lore. This museum also has a unique collection of Volyn icons from the 13th-18th centuries.

The wooden mid-18th century Assumption Church, and also the Holy Resurrection and Holy Assumption Cathedrals some of Western Ukraine's biggest are impressive in their grandeur. After an excursion through the city take a walk in Taras Shevchenko Park. This luxurious monument of horticultural art, covering about 30 hectares, is a favorite place for locals to relax.

You can find sophisticated presents in Rivne like amber adornments and decorations combined with silver and gold from the Burshtyn (Amber) jewelry factory. The local light yellow and green amber is famous beyond the borders of this region. It was even used as fragments in the renovation of the famous Amber Room in Russia. This factory has its own amber museum, and in its retail location you can buy exclusive amber necklaces, bracelets, boxes or pictures.

Parks and lakes

If you want to take a romantic walk you can visit our municipal park with its fresh air, beautiful greenery and pleasant atmosphere. It is a nice place to pass away the time with your lady. Here you can see some concerts and performances on the summer stage. As it is the heart of our city it is always full of people. In the Rivne region you can easily become a Nobel Prize winner, just swim in Nobel Lake! Local residents do not feel any connection with the founder of that famous award, but you can enjoy prize-winning jokes at their annual humor festival.

There are a lot of lakes in the Rivne region. And one of the most beautiful is Bilye (White) Lake near the village of Rudky in the Volodymyretskyi district. Its waters are rich in glycerin and crystal-clear 2 m. deep! According to scientists, eels from Paris Seine River come to this clean lake.

History of Rivne

Rivne was first mentioned in 1283 as one of the inhabited places of Halych-Volynia. Through years it has undergone many ordeals. I different times it was under German, Ukrainian, Bolshevik and Polish forces.

Ancient chronicles date its first mention back to1282. In the 14th century Rivne became an important trade city and then obtained Magdeburg Rights (an autonomous administration form of government first began in Magdeburg).

Every district in the Rivne region is a treasury of history and tradition. For instance, Prince Igors oak tree (Ukraine's oldest) grows here, dated at more than 1300 years old!

However, the regions tourist highlight is considered to be the Golden Ring of Polissia: Korets-Ostrog-Dubno. Korets, more than 850-year-old, is called Volyn Mecca due to its great number of churches. From 1612-1619 philologist Laurenty Zyzan, author of the Slavonic church grammar (book of church standards) lived here. Among the local historic monuments are the 14th century Koretskyi castle and St. Trinity womens cloister. It is interesting that since the time of its foundation (1620) it never ceased to exist under any authority.

Dubno is one of Ukraine's oldest cities, a fortress-city during the late middle ages. The highlights of the State Historic and Cultural Reserve are a castle dating back to the 16th century, The Holy Transfiguration Cathedral from the 17th century and the Lutsk Gates from the 15th 16th centuries, which was the foundation of the citys stronghold.

A contemporary of Dubno, Ostrog is proudly called Volyn Athens. In the 14th 15th centuries this city was Ukraine's scientific and cultural centre. In 1576 Europes first Slavonic-Greek-Latin academy was established and it was considered very prestigious to study here. In Ostrog in 1581 the first Greek-Slavonic Primer and Slavonic Ostrog Gospel were printed. In modern Ostrog its also interesting to visit the State Historic and Cultural Reserve. It includes an historical museum, museum of books and printing and an amazing numismatic exhibition.



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Climate in Rivne is mild. The winters aren't very cold and summers aren't very hot as a rule. There isn't much snow in winter.So trip to Rivne will bring you pleasure in any season!

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