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Cherkasy is one of the most picturesque Ukrainian cities situated on the right bank of Dnieper River with population of over 300 thousand people. This is administrative, economic, scientific and cultural center of Cherkassy region. The city has a long history full of dramatic events and heroic accomplishments.

Today Cherkassy is a modern city with hospitable sincere people, who keep wonderful Ukrainian traditions. Cherkasy is not a large city. It was founded by Cossacks, who lived in these places during the 16-17th centuries. Today Cherkassy is a regional center. Visitors have a great opportunity to observe the city in excursions and tours.

Cherkasy is a beautiful city situated in the center of Ukraine. The history of Cherkasy is very exciting and keeps a lot of important events in its memory, which later influenced development of the city infrastructure and the whole Cherkasy region.

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The City

The city is magnificent, buried in verdure of the fragrant parks, public gardens, alleys, and streets. Cherkasy is beautiful in any season of the year. It is attractive in spring, when chestnut trees blossom and in winter, when trees are covered with snow. The city is lovely, colorful in summer and luxuriant in autumn.

The history of Cherkassy is rich in amazing legendary events that took place on the entire territory of Cherkasky Region. It beckons many tourists from all over the world to visit our remarkable city.

It is also not a secret that Cherkassy is a city full of beautiful girls! This fact attracts lots of people searching for love and happiness in private life.

The new emblem of Cherkasy was ratified in 1998. The mace and saber symbolize the well-known Cossacks eternal glory of Cherkasy region. Thus, laurel is a symbol of glory and the arrow wood is the most widespread plant symbol that expresses Ukrainian mentality.

Points of interest

Cherkassy impresses everybody with nice wide boulevards and scenic river vistas. Most its central walkways are lined with chestnut trees. Not far from the central square there is an elegant building of local Music and Drama Theatre. House of Books is worth visiting not only because of the book collection, but because of its interesting interior decoration in the best Ukrainian traditions. One must visit the Museum of local lore containing 12,000 exhibits. Here you can find many interesting items about the heroic past of Cherkasy; among them is the Diorama of an old town and its fortress. Among attractions of the city there are Cherkassy Art Museum, Monument to the legendary Old Rus bard Boyan in Cherkasy Square devoted to the 700th Anniversary.

Everybody visiting Cherkassy cant miss a visit of the Glory Hill with an impressive Motherland monument. The monument honors the men and women, who lost their lives defending the city from the Nazi invasion. Their names are inscribed on a wall below the hill. The sight from the hill includes a majestic view of the river and the lovely Valley of Roses along the bank.

Not far from there one may find the Church of the Holy Trinity. There is also a Roman-Catholic chapel. On August13, 2002, the largest in Ukraine Orthodox St. Archangel Michaels Cathedral housing 12,000 people was unveiled. Small but strong Jewish community is very active in the cultural life of the city.

While visiting Cherkassy one can take a side trip to Zolotonosha and visit the functioning nunnery.One has to cross the river along the longest dam (15 km) on Dnieper River, cover some more 15 km and a traveler is surrounded by tranquility that can be found only at the monasteries! It is the Theological Savior Transfiguration convent established in the 17th century and resumed its activity in 1991.


The first mentioning of Cherkasy dates back to 1394, when it was a reinforced town on the southern borders of Kyiv lands. Cossacks settled around the town and people started calling them Cherkasy after the town name. In Russian documents of the 16-17th century all Ukrainians were called Cherkasy in general.

There are several explanations of the city name, and one of them proves that many historical documents of the 16-17th centuries use two words cherkasy and cossacks, which had the same meaning free horsemen. Indeed, the entire history of the town is inseparable from the history of Ukrainian Cossacks.

For the first time the name of Cherkasy was found under the date of 1394, when the town was already the well protected fortress on the territory subordinated to Lithuania. In the 15-16th centuries the role of Cherkasy as a protecting stronghold against Tatars and Turks greatly increased. Its castle that stood on the place of the Glory Hill was one of the strongest in this area. In the mid 17th century the town became a central fort of the Cherkasy Cossack regiment and many important historical events took place here during the period of the liberation war for Ukrainians against the Polish oppression in 1648-1654.

At the beginning of the 19th century the town developed along the river and was often flooded in warm seasons. In 1815 the first general plan of the town was proposed to the citizens. In the first half of the 20th century Cherkasy looked like a typical small provincial town.


Cozy restaurants in Cherkasy offer exquisite Ukrainian, European and Asian cuisines. The menus include over 200 courses. There is a possibility to organize complex lunches and dinners, to hold banquets as well as to have free-menu servicing. A list of courses includes different cold and hot snacks, garnish, large assortment of vegetable and meat salads, as well as salads of avocado, sea products and fish.

Modern bars and cafes of Cherkasy have a big choice of elite alcohol and non-alcohol drinks, cocktails, tea and coffee, and are always glad to serve you at any time of the day!

Cherkasy is situated on the right bank of Dnieper River, so the yachting is well-developed and welcomes tourists for observation sightseeing sails during the larger part of the year.

Cherkasy has a lot of night clubs, fitness centers, casinos, cinemas, theaters, the Philharmonic Society, galleries, museums and gift shops.



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